Exam Preparation Pack for OCR A Level PE

Perfect your students’ exam technique with this supportive and student-friendly guide for OCR A Level PE. All the support your students need for Papers 1–3. Bursting with a wide variety of exam-style questions, constructive analysis and varied tasks – ideal for classwork, independent study or intensive revision sessions.

Sharpen exam skills:

  • Clear and concise exam tips cover command words, assessment objectives, exam timings and mark schemes – all in student-friendly language
  • Valuable writing tips, including ‘PEEL method’, to support students’ progress towards an A*

A great resource explaining to students what the examiner is looking for

K Marston, PE Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Deconstruct the exam:

  • Meticulous analysis of each question type, with clever commentary, demonstrates best practice and pinpoints common errors
  • Progressive activities tailored for each question type – help students build confidence and practise their skills
  • Varied levels of support from writing frames to model answers

Put skills to the test:

  • Practice exam-style questions for each question type – building student confidence from 1–20 marks!
  • Student-friendly, detailed mark schemes – perfect for easy marking and quick feedback so students know where to improve

Also available... Practice Papers for OCR A Level PE ...perfect exam practice!

What do teachers say about this resource? (11467)

I am grateful that somebody has finally produced a resource for A Level PE that demonstrates to students and staff alike, what is required to effectively answer the paper. Generally easy to follow, breaking down each paper down into the types of questions that will be required to answer and giving model exemplar responses for each area. I particularly like how the paper is introduced, explaining the breakdown of the paper and what percentage of each paper is assessed with regards to A01/A02 & A03 proportions. I also like how the papers have been broken down into sections and clearly shown to answer each section effectively from multiple choice to extended questions, this has been reinforced with model exemplar answers for each question. It is also quite an effective differentiated resource, that students of all abilities are able to make good use of. I like the section on extended questions and I am pleased to see a number of examples with mark schemes that can be used by staff and students, as at the moment there a limited amount on the OCR website. I especially like the extended question proforma table, whereby it illustrates how to break down 10/20 markers and encouraging students to be more concise, cutting out unnecessary waffle. The section on ‘Command’ words is also a great resource, explaining to students what the examiner is looking for, whilst also giving relevant examples from each paper for the students to attempt. I feel that this resource enhances learning through breaking down difficult aspects of the course, such as 20/10 markers, into smaller manageable aspects that students can understand and put into producing model like responses. The way the resources breaks down each area of the paper, identifying to the students what the examiner is looking for all 3 papers can only benefit the student. It is generally set out well, going through each element of the paper and explaining how to maximise your marks in each section.

K Marston, PE Teacher & Peer Reviewer