A Level AQA Paper 1 2020 Digital Resource Packs

Available for C#, Java, Python3, and VB.NET.

Comprehensive resource packs supporting your students tackle the A Level Paper 1 pre-release material – Food Magnate Simulation – for examination in summer 2020.

All content provided electronically – accessible via a HTML interface:

  • Pre-release commentary provides detailed descriptions of all code elements and routines – plus a video explanation of how the program works
  • Class diagram tasks force students to closely examine the code
  • Exam-style theory questions test students' understanding of the Food Magnate Simulation skeleton code
  • Realistic exam-style modification tasks test students' programming skills
  • Full exemplar solutions and suggested mark schemes for all questions and tasks (plus EAD)

What do teachers say about this resource? (9838, 9839, 9840, 9841)

This is an excellent resource... It is the only place to find practice questions for this paper... I use it to set mock exams in the lead up to the A Level, and share the guide to the Skeleton program with my students in class... There are no other resources out there that compare to this... You will waste a lot of effort by making your own questions for this paper if you don't make use of this pack... It matches the AQA A-Level Computer Science spec well

L Hellett, customer

Breaks the problem down really well for students. Saves loads of time in preparing for the paper meaning I can focus on what really matters - the teaching and feedback!... Clear layout throughout... Really useful for those teachers who are a little less confident with programming also... Perfect fit to AQA - it is tailored specifically for this.

A Dolinski, customer

Excellent resource... The introductory video is succinct and gets straight to the point. An interesting 7.30 min. The set tasks are also good... Reduces your workload - the resources give food for thought.

Y Abbas, customer