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Our goal is to deliver a range of high quality resources to meet the diverse needs of teachers and students! Whether you’re a looking to inject fresh ideas into your teaching, improve student performance, or simply free up your valuable time, we have a variety of resources to support teaching and learning, revision and exam preparation!

ZigZag ICT & Computing resources are extremely popular with teachers, partly due to the extra care we take in ensuring that resources:

  • meet high quality standards
  • are pitched at the appropriate level
  • closely match the course requirements
  • are presented in versatile, user-friendly formats

Click below to browse, preview and order photocopiable and digital teaching resources for KS3, GCSE, A Level, BTEC and Cambridge Nationals/Technicals.

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"I’ve previously used ZigZag resources and my expectations have once again been met... The content is accurate, detailed, and well presented... Excellent value for money and saves a lot of time with planning." - M Crane, HoD & ZigZag customer
"A must-have resource... could be the difference between an A or a B grade. Has allowed our students to tackle the course head-on… Thought had gone in to the content which was easily accessible for students." - A Connor, HoD & ZigZag customer

Schools Pay Once and Photocopy Forever... More Info ▼

Most resources from ZigZag Education are in the form of photocopy masters. The purchasing site is licensed to make unlimited copies for students attending that site, forever.

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  • GO PDF add 20% to also get resources on CD in PDF for easy sharing on your network/VLE
  • GO EDITABLE add 50% to also get resources on CD in Word+PDF for easy printing & editing