Python Exercises for GCSE (9–1) Computer Science

10 engaging scenarios, each featuring original skeleton code and probing questions and tasks – specifically written for use with the new GCSE Computer Science specifications.

Theory questions test students’ understanding of the skeleton code, while programming tasks challenge their ability to debug and develop the code further. Covers a large range of programming techniques using a variety of computer science themes. The varying complexities of the exercises make this resource perfect for use with GCSE classes.

"Gives valuable practice in debugging programs, arguably the most important independent programming skill that students need to develop – perfect preparation for their NEAs… This is a resource I’m looking forward to using, the overall idea, style and structure are excellent.” S Forsyth, Computing teacher & Independent Reviewer

Includes detailed, bullet-point mark scheme with complete code listings for all questions and tasks.

  • Cross-referenced to the relevant GCSE Computer Science specification
  • Paper and digital solutions (Python 3.5) for every task
  • Error guide – 14 of the most common syntax and logic errors in Python are explained (with suggested fixes)
  • Cheat sheet revealing the correct Python syntax (a useful reference, particularly for lower-ability)

What do teachers say about this resource? (9833)

Brilliant! ... well-thought through ... It allowed me to set Python homework to those who were struggling ... This is well-worth the money

D Peacefield, Teacher & Customer