Christina Rossetti's Selected Poems: Exam Preparation Pack for AS/A Level OCR

Get your students exam-ready with the Exam Preparation Pack for Christina Rossetti's OCR Selected Poems. This jam-packed resource will enable your students to apply understanding and perfect exam technique with a multitude of revision activities, expert exam advice, essay-building tasks, exam-style questions and model answers.

The plethora of activities made this a particular treasure trove for the time-pressed teacher

J Hathaway, HoD and Peer Reviewer
Poems included in this pack:
  1. ‘Song’
  2. ‘Remember’
  3. ‘From the Antique’
  4. ‘Echo’
  5. ‘Shut Out’
  6. ‘In the Round Tower at Jhansi’
  7. ‘A Birthday’
  8. ‘Soeur Louise de la Miséricorde’
  9. ‘Maude Clare’
  10. ‘Up-Hill’
  11. ‘No, Thank You, John’
  12. ‘Good Friday’
  13. ‘Goblin Market’
  14. ‘Twice’
  15. ‘Winter: My Secret’
  • Poem-by-poem revision notes and activities – detailed annotations for each poem, plus key quotations on form, language and structure.
  • Whole-collection revision activities – a range of research, reading material and games to engage and challenge students, focusing on themes such as critical reception and context.
  • Heaps of unique exam-style questions not available from OCR – six for AS and six for A Level. Great for mocks!
  • Essay support section containing:
    • Essay Practice Top Tips
    • Templates to provide a framework for answering essay questions
    • Suggested plans to break down essay questions into logical chunks
    • Plus! Sample paragraphs with annotations, activities, checklists and hints
  • 8 original sample essays (four for AS and four for A Level) with detailed AO commentary and marking exercises – familiarise students with examiner thinking and demonstrate how to improve grades
  • Student-friendly mark schemes – perfect for easy marking and self-assessment
  • Includes indicative content for all activities and exam-style questions

Ready to embed into your revision programme in class or as homework.

Also available with recordings!

What do teachers say about this resource? (9770)

This was a useful resource that was comprehensive in terms of its coverage for both AS and A Level. I liked the way that it contained a mixture of whole-text activities and individual activities on particular poems. There was a range of information that related to the relevant Assessment Outcomes.

The plethora of activities made this a particular treasure trove for the time-pressed teacher.

This resource enhances learning by being built around a range of activities that encourage independent learning on the part of the pupil. The educational value of this resource lies in its focus on the Assessment Outcomes and the style of questions that candidates taking OCR A or AS Level English Literature will confront. The majority of the resource was devoted to practice on examination style and technique that I thought was very helpful. There was very good focus on examination technique.

J Hathaway, HoD and Peer Reviewer