A Level AQA Practice Exercises for Listening: Pop Music

Ready-to-use exercises on a wide range of extracts, tailored to the A Level AQA specification.

I would most definitely use this resource

R Brown, Teacher & Expert Reviewer

For each pack:

  • Twenty sets of short-answer questions to prepare for the short listening tasks at the start of Section A
  • Five 10-mark questions to practise the skills needed to write a critical commentary on an unfamiliar extract in the exam
  • Answers for every exercise – great for peer-/self-assessment and easy marking

Use in class or set as homework for perfect exam preparation!

Area of Study 2: Pop Music

18 exercises split equally among the six named artists ensure that students aren’t Wondering how to approach this part of the exam!

What do teachers say about this resource? (9464)

Helpful and effective activities... It is very time consuming as a teacher to find examples and generate questions for yourself; this is a great time saver... The more practice questions they do the more confident they will feel going into the Appraising exam so it is very helpful... There aren't many high quality resources for AQA Pop Music and this is a resource I can trust... Think of how long it would take you to come up with this quantity of high-quality exam questions - it is worth the investment from your dept. budget to save you all that time!

S Burns, Customer & Head of Music

An excellent resource for practising listening exercises for pop music. There is a really good variety of the different artists covered from the AQA syllabus... I really like the mix of composers and that we can just dip in and out as and when we feel like it to support class learning as well as students having it as a resource for the end of the course revision... Practise questions are the best way of learning how to succeed in an exam and having a vast quantity of questions at our disposal is excellent for a 'little and often' approach throughout the two year course... It also saves me so much time in writing practise questions which can be very time consuming.

J Craig, Customer & Head of Music

Great resource... Questions covered all the suggested artists from the specification and the style of the questions was very similar to ones found in the exam papers... Gave you the opportunity to work through the questions as a group in a lesson, set them as individual tasks in a lesson, or as homework.

N Squires, Music Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Excellent consistency of quality throughout the resource... The author demonstrates excellent musical pop knowledge and the level of questioning at A level standard is just right; just the right level of difficulty...It contains good long answer questions always focussing on one aspect of the pop song and directing students to use musical techniques to illustrate their answers... I would most definitely use this resource in my A level curriculum.

R Brown, Teacher & Expert Reviewer