Practice Papers for GCSE Edexcel Business

2017 spec
Exams from 2019

Original exam-style papers for the 9–1 GCSE Edexcel Business specification. Ensure students are familiar with the format, are ready to answer each question type and gain complete practice across the AOs.

Matches my specification and needs exactly

D Holland, Assistant Principal Examiner & Peer Reviewer

Practice makes perfect!

  • Two formats:
    1. Write-on papers that mirror the Edexcel exam style exactly – perfect for realistic mocks!
    2. Concise non-write-on papers for easy photocopying
  • Comprehensive coverage of all spec topics – specification cross-reference grid helps you monitor progress and target weak spots
  • Full range of question types included so students can perfect their exam technique

The mark schemes are very detailed and particularly like the exemplar responses which are very clear to mark from...

...For revision and self- or peer-assessment the mark scheme is so clear that students will be able to understand it

C Treagus, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Put students in the place of the examiner!

  • Clear student-friendly mark schemes with marking guidance
  • Students see how marks are awarded, and how to improve answers
  • Ideal for quick marking and self-assessment

What do teachers say about this resource? (9402)

A super resource for preparation toward the new Edexcel GCSE course... terminology used on exam questions the same as exam board... questions covered test a wide range of exam style questions and theory... model answers provide in the mark scheme... lots of finance for them to calculate which helps develop their numerical skills... Really useful to help with preparation for theme 1 exam, I would use it as homework and to test students understanding.

D Duguid, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Useful as no past papers exist on the new specification.... There are plenty of papers to practise which give exemplar answers which are clearly differentiated.

A Miles, Head of Department

An excellent resource. At a time of limited assessment material, this is a welcome addition to all colleagues teaching Edexcel Business GCSE... The layout replicated the sample papers. The material is engaging. The mark schemes are appropriate... Additional examination material is always useful: as test material, home works or mock examinations. This pack, because it [follows] the sample material, does exactly that... This matches my specification and needs exactly. It offers probing questions as well as more knowledge based questions.

D Holland, Assistant Principal Examiner & Peer Reviewer

There are only a limited number of sample papers available from Edexcel so these practice papers are an invaluable resource to use for revision and mock exams... I particularly liked the introductory notes establishing the exam structure and assessment objectives. I think that the section on time allocation is a nice addition that will be very useful for our learners. I like that the papers are laid out like actual exam papers and follows their structure accurately. I also think the mark schemes are very detailed and particularly like the exemplar responses which are very clear to mark from... For revision and self or peer assessment the mark scheme is so clear that students will be able to understand it. For mock exams it is useful to assess learners regularly in the style they will be examined in at the end of this course, this resource will enable us to do that easily... The case studies are relevant and interesting for students.

C Treagus, HoD & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (9403)

Number of papers (4) gives students and teacher a lot of practice especially since there are so few papers available. The time of each paper is the same as real exams... Mark scheme provided with detailed answers and examples good coverage of theory areas and question style... Useful to develop exam technique, test understanding of topic areas and different styles of questions.

D Duguid, HoD & Peer Reviewer

A very useful resource. Providing additional assessment material at the start of a new specification is invaluable. The papers follow the structure of specimen papers. The questions are appropriate. The case studies are sound... Providing additional assessment material is very helpful. Testing student knowledge with such independent assessments is helpful. The paper could be broken up and used as Homeworks or classroom activities... This matches the specification very well. Questions follow the style of the exam board. The mark schemes are good. The case studies are appropriate.

D Holland, Asst Principal Examiner, Peer Reviewer