Reading and Translation Practice for SQA Higher

Students hone their skills by reading original texts and completing comprehension and translation activities based on the SQA Higher sample assessment materials.

The pack covers all 4 contexts: Society, Learning, Employability and Culture.


21 target-language texts, each followed by:

  1. Comprehension questions in English
  2. A translation from English into the target language
  3. An extension activity in the target language

  • Engaging texts in different formats on topical issues in target-language countries
  • Clear and detailed marking criteria and answers – perfect for self-, peer- and teacher assessment

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (9333)

'It's a really nice resource and one which I believe students will engage well with. It covers the breadth of themes required. The articles contain a great level of vocabulary and structure and the range of questions is also good to promote understanding and thinking. The educational value promotes thinking skills and covers moral areas, as well as cultural areas. It enables further speaking work to be conducted based around the articles so can be used as a speaking prompt.' A Jackson, Head of Languages and Independent Reviewer.