NEA Language Investigation Project Activity Pack

Note from the author:
It is essential that students understand not only how to approach the initial stages of establishing a focus and collecting data, but also how to analyse and evaluate that data in a systematic manner and present their findings in a clear, methodical way.

Activities guide students to produce a successful language investigation based on sample data and examples from a range of actual student investigations. Geared towards the 2015 AS and A Level AQA English Language specification and its focus on how meanings and representations are constructed.

Designed to encourage understanding and engagement, the resource is divided into four sections:
  • Section A: Assess the successes and weaknesses of real student investigations and allow students to compare their efforts with the exemplars
  • Section B: Develop research skills and using concordance software
  • Section C: Work with sample data
  • Section D: Two high-scoring full investigations written for 2015 specifications which demonstrate different strengths

Also includes two recordings on CD to be used during transcript activities.