Hörenswert: Listening Activities for GCSE AQA German (2nd Ed.)

Structured according to the course assessment, over 80 activities based on 24 recordings cover all four contexts of Society, Learning, Employability and Culture. Contemporary topics engage students: Family and Friends, Healthy Living, Teenage Problems, Modern Media, School, Work Experience, Education and Work: Future Plans, The Relevance of Modern Foreign Language Learning, Berlin, Recycling in Germany, TV in Germany and German Festivals.

Brilliant learning structure to support and engage students who find listening a challenge:

  1. Extensive pre-listening activities prepare students and build their confidence
  2. Monologue listening activity provides a chance to ‘tune in’
  3. Dialogue listening activity practises listening skills in a natural context
  4. Post-listening writing or speaking activities consolidate learning and build on the topic, ensuring students feel well-prepared to tackle it in future.

Written by an experienced teacher who is also a native speaker, the activities are designed for use in class, cutting teacher preparation time and giving valuable listening support. Native speaker recordings build students’ pronunciation skills.