Paris ‘Remembered Places’ Anthology Study Guide

for AS Paper 2: People and Places ♦ A Level Paper 1: Telling Stories

Covers all 32 texts in the anthology!

With its unique blend of texts that appeal to the senses, the Paris Anthology, just like the city itself, inspires the imagination. Unearth each linguistic artefact with clear and comprehensive analysis, focused tasks and exam support.

A great resource for a text which is a challenge to teach and keep students engaged

C Harvey, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
  1. Walk-through
    Build understanding of each text with insightful and relevant analysis. All texts are concisely summarised, then examined in detail and organised by language level.
  2. Finding the links
    In-depth exploration of recurring themes and concepts in the anthology including: the Double Journey, Memories and Recollections, Gastronomy and the Flâneur.
  3. Exam support
    Familiarise students with every part of the exam with practice questions, guidance and graded sample essays for both the recast and critical commentary (AS) and the comparative essay (AS and A Level).

This has saved me hours and hours of planning time!

K Jagger, HoD & Peer Reviewer
  • Key term glossary
  • Further reading suggestions
  • Indicative content for all tasks
Deepen learning with:
  • Comprehension questions to check knowledge
  • Research and interactive tasks to extend understanding
  • Discussion prompts to encourage debate and individual interpretation
  • Key term definitions to ensure students grasp unfamiliar terminology
  • Comparison boxes for quick links between texts

The perfect companion to the Paris Anthology Activity Pack.

What do teachers say about this resource? (8707)

I loved this resource. I am new to this component and found its text-by-text breakdown an excellent starting point... I particularly liked that each of the frameworks was clearly explored and explained for each text. The terminology list is very useful. [This resource] ensured that my understanding was in line with the exam board's expectations. By linking to the frameworks so closely, I was confident that my messages to the students were appropriate and accurate. The layout was easy to follow and clear... This has saved me hours and hours of planning time!

K Jagger, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Really in depth and detailed.

The activity questions are suitable for students to complete independently.

It is nicely presented and easy to access.

It's very detailed - and there are a lack of resources for this spec so it came in very handy!

R Smart, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A comprehensive resource. It includes everything that both a teacher or student would need to know to prepare for the exam. It is the perfect guide to support with the preparing and delivery of this unit. It would also be a great resource for students to use to help consolidate their knowledge and understanding.

This is a solid and valuable resource. For teachers it supports in the planning and delivery of the anthology - giving appropriate contextualisation information, and key analysis. Students would find this really helpful with consolidating knowledge/understanding and for revision purposes.

I really like how images have been included in this resource. I also like the different boxes to break the information up.

This resource links very strongly to the specification and exam board standards. Each section or task has the AO identified which is really helpful for students. 

T MacCormac, lead on English Literature & Peer Reviewer

I really like this resource – it’s very useful for students of all abilities and takes a lot of the legwork out of teaching this somewhat daunting text... I like the detailed analysis provided for each extract... This is a fantastic starting point for both teachers and students... The glossary notes within the extract guides and also at the end of the resource are excellent as they challenge more able students as well as support lower ability students. The internet links provided are very useful – a real time saver for teachers... A great resource for a text which is a challenge to teach and keep students engaged.

C Harvey, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A very comprehensive overview of the Paris texts - really handy use of linguistic terminology in context, applied to all levels, as related to each text. Especially useful for students who may have missed teaching of particular texts and need an overview... I like the glossaries and focus on key terminology. The analysis of key features of each text is thorough and demonstrates the level of forensic analytical detail needed for this section of the exam.

R Silkstone, Teacher & Peer Reviewer