Starters and Plenaries for GCSE English Language

25 great ways to start and end a GCSE Language lesson!

Inject pace into your English Language lessons with these pick-up-and-teach starter and plenary activities. Written for the 2015 GCSE (9–1) English Language specifications – builds skills and confidence quickly to kick-start or consolidate learning across all areas of Ofqual’s ‘Scope of Study’.

Packed with ‘variety and challenge!’ A Baiden, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

  • Short, stimulating activities motivate and enthuse all learning stylessupport and extension material provided for every activity
  • A perfect balance of individual, paired, small-group and whole-class activities to develop independent and cooperative learning methods
  • Draws upon a variety of engaging fiction and non-fiction writing with creative activities including crosswords, puzzles, annotation tasks, gap-fills, unseen analysis... and more!

Effortless Delivery!

  • Flexible, write-on activities, complete with detailed teacher's notes
  • All answers provided – great for AfL and speedy peer-assessment

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (8536)

'A useful resource! The use of texts was good for developing reading muscles... Particularly like the index page which gives just the right amount of info for the teacher... Great to see variety and challenge in this pack!' A Baiden, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

'A good range of activities that draws on a wide variety of skills in English and builds student confidence quickly by allowing them to start with simple tasks... Good kinesthetic activities and games to engage students... The activity on bias is great – really accessible .' R Page, Teacher and Independent Reviewer