The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories: Activity Pack for AS and A Level OCR English Literature

Set text for:
  • OCR AS & A Level

Activities include:

  • engaging questions
  • critical thinking
  • close reading
  • pair and group tasks
  • visual, audio and kinaesthetic tasks
  • further research tasks
  • ‘Story Challenge’ tasks to stretch and motivate more-able students and encourage creative responses

Accessible for every level and linked to the AOs throughout!

Plus! Answers to all activities included.

Uncover the twisted and terrifying retellings of familiar folklore in this captivating collection of sinister stories. With themes of desire, sexuality, fear and violence, Carter’s revival of tales such as ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ caused shockwaves when it first appeared and continues to astound readers today. This invaluable activity pack provides a variety of ready-to-use handouts, covering the whole horrifying anthology, for you to mix and match to suit your class.

Pre-reading exercises provide a starting point for study

Appealing story-by-story tasks guide students through the collection, allowing them to gain understanding and analytical skills while remaining engaged

Whole-text activities show the bigger picture, exploring key areas of: Characterisation • Relationships • Genre • Themes • Attitudes and Values • Writer's use of language • Form • Structure • Context • Critical Reception

A thoroughand in-depth exploration of the text and its themes, socio-historical context and literary value. It will cater to both average ability and highly-able pupils, making it a valuable tool for teachers and pupils alike... I really like the story challenges and opportunities for further research, which are great for the more enthusiastic... I really like that the pack offers an in-depth exploration of the fairy tale genre... It is incredibly valuable for pupils because it will help them dig deeply into the themes and ideas of the text, the genre and the time in which it was written. T Gladwin, Teacher and Independent Reviewer