The Tempest: Exam Preparation Pack for A Level WJEC

Don’t leave your students adrift as they journey towards their WJEC exams! Help your class apply understanding of The Tempest and sharpen exam technique with exam advice, exam-style questions, mark schemes and model answers, specifically designed to ensure safe passage to success in the A Level WJEC Unit 4 Shakespeare exam.

  • Student-friendly summaries and revision activities on key elements of The Tempest - including themes of freedom and betrayal and motifs of servant and master – prompt students to refresh knowledge before attempting questions
  • Heaps of unique exam-style questions not available from WJEC – 10 for Section A and 10 for Section B. Great for mocks!
    • Plus an ‘exam-question generator’ providing students with countless opportunities for practice!
  • 'How to Write a Great Essay’ section containing:
    • Essay sentence starters to offset writer’s block;
    • Writing plans to provide a framework for answering essay questions;
    • Suggested strategies illustrating how questions can be broken down into logical chunks;
    • Plus! Sample paragraphs with annotations, activities and tips
  • Eight original sample essays (four for Section A, four for Section B) with detailed AO commentary and marking exercises – familiarise students with examiner thinking and demonstrate how to improve grades
  • Student-friendly mark schemes – perfect for easy marking and self-assessment
  • Includes indicative content for all exam-style questions

Ready to embed into your revision programme in class or as homework.