VAK SPaG Activity Pack for 9-1 GCSE English Language

A multisensory resource that puts learning styles at the forefront of teaching.

A wonderful variety of activities... Students will have a lot of fun! J Clarke, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

Visual, auditory and kinaesthetic activities provide full coverage of Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (AO6) while supporting all your GCSE English Language students. Easy to adapt to your existing schemes of work or dip in and out of whenever you need an engaging and sensory activity!

  • Packed with fun activities from adverbial charades to punctuation ‘Who am I?’
  • Covers the tricky areas of SPaG in an accessible and enjoyable way!

30 worksheets include:

  • A primary activity focusing on one of the three styles of learning with supporting resources and indicative content where needed.
  • Teacher’s notes including further ideas on how to extend or adapt the activity depending on class size or for extra variety!
  • Plus! Extension tasks to push high achievers!
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (8243)
'A challenging but engaging resource that could be used with a wide variety of students in the run up to the GCSE exams... It covers the areas of spelling, punctuation and grammar in equal depth. There is a lot of choice of activities... I liked how many of the activities have an option to extend the activity to allow for differentiation within classes... There are interesting games that can be used for ice-breakers or starter activities, extension work or plenaries... There are imaginative and original ideas that can be adapted for use with other levels too.' C Evans, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'An extensive resource which offers a vast number of ways to teach and revise language, spelling and punctuation skills with students independently, in groups and for taught lessons... The tasks are clearly linked to the language aspects of the examination papers. [They] will help to prepare students for answering questions on both Paper 1 and Paper 2... [The resource] would be easily adapted to all exam boards... Lots of interesting ideas pulled together into one excellent resource.' S Freeburn, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'I thought the resource was super! Students will have a lot of fun - for example, devising and performing a punctuation mark dance - while learning. There was a wonderful variety of activities... I liked many aspects of this resource: one was its concision. With so many comparable activity resources a teacher has to wade through a weight of instructions in order to figure out matters such as what supplies and preparation are required, but with this resource it is was easy to tell at a glance what would be needed, and the activities were very easy to administer... It will save teachers hours of personal graft!' J Clarke, Teacher and Independent Reviewer