Student Guide to A Level AQA A Texts in Shared Contexts

Available for:
  • Modern Times: Literature from 1945 to the Present Day

Support students’ study of this exciting and diverse component. Student-friendly notes provide expansive coverage of the relevant social, political, personal and literary issues across the core and comparative texts.

  1. Introductory notes to context provides a clear and concise overview of the period. Also included! Easy-to-navigate timeline of key events and texts.
  2. Detailed analysis divided into helpful subsections provides essential context and analysis across the A Level AQA A specified texts.

    • Varied activities consolidate learning while essay skills tasks build confidence. All fully cross-referenced to the AOs.
    • Further reading suggestions introduce students to more texts from the period – great for unseen practice!
    • Plus! Key themes and events for each subsection.

  3. Practice essay questions provide exam preparation while peer-/self-assessment mark schemes track student progress.


  • Key term glossary supports students in learning advanced contextual and literary terminology – to hit AO1 and AO3.
  • Indicative content for all activities.

For Modern Times: Literature from 1945 to the Present Day, subsections include:
  • Wars and the Legacy of Wars
  • Personal and Social Identity
  • Religion and Morality
  • Political Upheaval and Change: Resistance and Rebellion
  • Nationalism
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (8220)
"Another excellent resource. Pitched appropriately for the ability levels apparent in A-Level classes, and clearly focused on the wider requirements of the exam. I think that this resource is a really useful, go-to guide for students to revise from, and fill in gaps in their knowledge of social and cultural context. The mock questions were also brilliant, along with the checklist and the answers, I would agree would make suitable indicative content for students to be working with." - K Chanter, Head of English and Independent Reviewer
'The activities and questions are really clever, relevant and carefully considered' - N Maloney, Teacher, Examiner and Independent Reviewer