Student Guide to A Level AQA A Texts in Shared Contexts

Available for:
  • Modern Times: Literature from 1945 to the Present Day

Support students’ study of this exciting and diverse component. Student-friendly notes provide expansive coverage of the relevant social, political, personal and literary issues across the core and comparative texts.

  1. Introductory notes to context provides a clear and concise overview of the period. Also included! Easy-to-navigate timeline of key events and texts.
  2. Detailed analysis divided into helpful subsections provides essential context and analysis across the A Level AQA A specified texts.

    • Varied activities consolidate learning while essay skills tasks build confidence. All fully cross-referenced to the AOs.
    • Further reading suggestions introduce students to more texts from the period – great for unseen practice!
    • Plus! Key themes and events for each subsection.

  3. Practice essay questions provide exam preparation while peer-/self-assessment mark schemes track student progress.


  • Key term glossary supports students in learning advanced contextual and literary terminology – to hit AO1 and AO3.
  • Indicative content for all activities.

For Modern Times: Literature from 1945 to the Present Day, subsections include:
  • Wars and the Legacy of Wars
  • Personal and Social Identity
  • Religion and Morality
  • Political Upheaval and Change: Resistance and Rebellion
  • Nationalism