Homeworks for GCSE English Language

‘An excellent resource and a must-have for any English teacher!’M Georgiou, Head of English and Independent Reviewer
Great for independent exam preparation and revision!

Homeworks provided in two fully differentiated formats:

  1. Scaffolded activities and useful tips provide weaker learners with extra support
  2. ‘Advanced Learner’ sheets with less scaffolding and more extension tasks to challenge the most able

20 ready-to-use, easy-to-set homeworks logically structured to supplement the teaching of the 2015 GCSE English Language specifications. These stand-alone homework sheets provide a variety of engaging tasks to build knowledge and confidence, and develop vital written and analytical exam skills across the fiction and non-fiction papers.


  • Overview table directly linking each homework to the AOs to support curriculum planning and mapping.
  • Engaging worksheets with clear learning outcomes, varied extracts and imaginative activities to encourage language analysis.
  • Packed with analysis practice and exam-style questions that ‘mimic the exam entirely’ to progressively develop skills from identifying and summarising information to original writing.

Plus! Indicative content for every homework – ideal for easy marking!

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (8149)
'Very well put together and included a good range of activities to enhance student skills in English Language... There is a good balance of text types in the resource, which enables students to gain experience of both fiction and non-fiction, as well as different writing styles, purpose and audience... The detail and thought that has been put into the resource is excellent. The level of differentiation is very helpful when teaching mixed ability. The varying levels of activity, extension tasks and separate differentiated worksheets were particularly good as this means that the resource is suited to a wide range of students... The resource is well-suited to prepare students for the skills required for GCSE. The inclusion of grammar exercises is also useful as they often get neglected... This is exactly the style and content that I usually use and find that it produces results. An excellent resource and a must-have for any English teacher!' M Georgiou, Head of English and Independent Reviewer
'Excellent resource which builds knowledge, builds confidence and writing and analytic al skills. It is well-thought out and covers a range of tasks which are addressed in the examination. Tasks build on developing skills and could be used with Year 10 as preparation for GCSE... I particularly liked the storyboard frame. The plan for writing an argument is very good as it breaks the task down clearly and simply. Matching tasks e.g. word classes are also a good idea... Skills are built through differentiated tasks which gradually reach exam level. The homeworks will work well to monitor weaknesses and improvement. It will enable the teacher and student to identify and target specific areas for improvement. The resource also covers grammatical aspects so the learning can be wide ranging rather than just exam focused... The Mark Scheme is excellent.' L Churchill, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'This is an excellent and comprehensive resource. It is very detailed and tightly focused on the skills needed to be successful in the new English Language GCSE. The texts used for analysis are high quality and engaging... The activities are differentiated and could be used with a range of abilities. Unlike some homework activities, they are rigorous and represent opportunities for real progress... This resource is tightly focused on the GCSE specification and encourages language analysis in the detail needed to achieve GCSE 5-9... It is an easy-to-follow resource with clearly identified aims and extension tasks.' L Morris, Head of English and Independent Reviewer
'A very detailed and helpful resource. The clear differentiation throughout means it would save teachers a lot of time! The critical reading skills will clearly help students with their GCSE in English, but arguable also have value to whole-school literacy, and even value in developing the literacy skills of KS5 students... It would also be very useful to use with A Level students at the introduction to their course... The mark scheme is a very helpful supporting document. The resource is clearly linked to the specification and is not (thankfully!) a death-by-exam-question resource! It very clearly and explicitly teaches the skills and then moves on to the exam-style questions...This will save teachers so much time and is a really valuable resource. It is very comprehensive and detailed. However, what it is so refreshing to see is a resource that doesn't just give students exam question, after exam question, after exam question, but actually addresses the skills they will need.' L Deighton, Director of English and Independent Reviewer
'Given the demands placed on teachers and the increased demands of the new specifications, having ready-made homework tasks which link directly to the kind of exam questions asked is invaluable. It saves a huge amount of time in sourcing texts, creating questions and then marking work. The variety of extracts and texts included is a real boon! It is also very user-friendly for teachers with the grid at the front linked to key assessment areas, particularly if these are being used for extra intervention. It provides students with ample practise (they can never get enough) of key comprehension, analysis and writing skills... It gives students a broad range of different text types from different ages, viewpoints and perspectives. It also enhances learning because it frees up teachers to plan lessons and provide feedback, rather than create homework tasks.' P Town, Head of English and Independent Reviewer
'A nice range of activities linked to the new 9-1 GCSE assessment objectives that could be used for any spec. I liked the clear step by step instructions that would be simple enough for a student to follow without teacher support. The resource builds on the skills required for the new 9-1 GCSEs such as identifying information, summarising, true/false etc. These activities could also be used in class to help bridge gaps in students' understanding/comprehension... Good differentiated tasks to challenge more-able students... I like that it comes with answers, so students could peer- or self-assess, or teachers can do so quickly.' A Wellard, Teacher, Examiner and Independent Reviewer
'This is a cracking resource. I could see myself factoring these homeworks into my everyday teaching without needing to amend them! The homeworks are tailored exactly to both an independent learning approach, and the rigorous requirements of the new GCSE... I really like the very gradual build up in the difficulty level of the resource. It mimics the exam entirely, in that the questions start of very simply and then become more intense as the skills are developed. It would lend itself to the mastery approach, whereby students don't move on until they have fully mastered the skill... I liked the word level and grammar focus, as students struggle most with this element of the sentence analysis... The really gradual approach to the structure question is excellent. Students really struggle to grasp this one, and this guides them through with prompt questions... Students are guided through the tasks, so that these could be completed at any ability level, independently. The tasks cover the entire range of questions, with really sound advice and approaches to answering them comprehensively. The presentation is really effective as where there is an exam style question, it mimics the presentation in the exam entirely. It is therefore, a really useful approach as it dovetails with what teachers will be doing in the classroom... It's so rare to see something so well matched to the spec that is actually practically useful. I would say that this is more akin to the syllabus that the workbooks accredited by the exam board. Some of the linguistic analysis terminology taught me new techniques and I've been teaching 15 years! Best resource I've seen in a while!' K Chanter, Head of English and Independent Reviewer