Homeworks for GCSE English Language

‘An excellent resource and a must-have for any English teacher!’M Georgiou, Head of English and Independent Reviewer
Great for independent exam preparation and revision!

Homeworks provided in two fully differentiated formats:

  1. Scaffolded activities and useful tips provide weaker learners with extra support
  2. ‘Advanced Learner’ sheets with less scaffolding and more extension tasks to challenge the most able

20 ready-to-use, easy-to-set homeworks logically structured to supplement the teaching of the 2015 GCSE English Language specifications. These stand-alone homework sheets provide a variety of engaging tasks to build knowledge and confidence, and develop vital written and analytical exam skills across the fiction and non-fiction papers.


  • Overview table directly linking each homework to the AOs to support curriculum planning and mapping.
  • Engaging worksheets with clear learning outcomes, varied extracts and imaginative activities to encourage language analysis.
  • Packed with analysis practice and exam-style questions that ‘mimic the exam entirely’ to progressively develop skills from identifying and summarising information to original writing.

Plus! Indicative content for every homework – ideal for easy marking!