Revision Activities for AQA Spanish

For A Level Year 1 and Year 2: Reading and Writing

2016 Spec
All AS Level AQA grammar points covered!

Designed to prepare for Paper 1: Listening, Reading and Writing

Each comprehensive pack provides helpful grammar recaps, revision tips, skill-based exercises and exam-style questions to help students revise for the reading and writing exam sections.

The resource is a valuable addition to the course book and will save the teacher much work

J Tipton, Examiner and Peer Reviewer

Skill-specific worksheets for the six AQA topics on:

  • Vocabulary: topic-based exercises enable students to enhance their lexical skills
  • Activities include:
    • Recognising cognates
    • Filling in blanks
    • Matching words to definitions
    • Writing sentences
    • Choosing the correct option
    • Conjugating verbs
    • & more!
  • Grammar: easy-to-understand recaps strengthen knowledge of grammar – with worked examples and practice exercises
  • Reading: level-appropriate texts and exam-style questions give students targeted exam practice
    • Text lengths match AQA sample assessment materials
  • Translation: revision from and into the target language with vocabulary and grammar structures found in the exam
  • Plus, collaborative and engaging group activities for students to revise together, such as board games and story writing

Use as exam revision, in class or as homework!

What do teachers say about this resource? (11517)

Having read this resource, I think it is absolutely fantastic. There is so much for students to work on both independently and in class or a revision group. The resource goes beyond in terms of articles, translation and grammar exercises. This resource would be very useful for teachers and students of the current A level year 2 course, I myself teach AQA and think this resource would be very useful for my year 13 group. It would allow students to carry on learning outside of the classroom but would also allow students to work in lessons perhaps when students needed one on one attention. The variety of themes and topics and the range of activities are exceptional. I appreciate that this resource is mainly made to help with paper 1 given that the activities are focused on reading or writing, nevertheless the quality of the resource means that some of the constructions could also be used in the paper 3 speaking examination. There is a lot of vocabulary and information that isn’t included in the text book e.g. the translation text about Choquib Town. I also really enjoy the vocabulary activities at the beginning of different sections as it is so hard as a teacher to introduce enough of a variety of vocabulary. The resource fits perfectly with the a level specification to the point it could easily be used alongside the official A level textbooks. The author seeks to build the student’s vocabulary, grammatical knowledge and cultural awareness. Not only does it allow them to improve their Spanish, it also provides the opportunity for the student to develop their social, emotional and mental education, for example the article talking about the Ugandan footballer makes the student think about what makes a term racist, is it the word or the intention. This resource will be a massive time save for teachers who are already pushed for time, as every single exercise is relevant to the A Level course.

F Lintern, Head of MFL & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (8054)

[Would you purchase this resource for your teaching?] Yes, most definitely. I think that it is a great resource with many good exercises and texts. The level of language is appropriate for AS and I think that it is of a high standard, with the right balance of high frequency and low frequency words, the use of the subjunctive tense etc.

J Ermina, MFL teacher at Aspire Sussex & Peer Reviewer

I very much liked this resource. I thought it was a comprehensive exposition of the grammar and vocabulary defined content. There is a range of differentiated exercises which give support to the student initially and ultimately challenge linguistically. All of the major grammatical "big" topics were comprehensively covered using a range of different exercises.

G Fagan, HoD, Examiner and Peer Reviewer

It is very clearly focused on the requirements of the examination, with vocabulary exercises and also with grammar. The resource is a valuable addition to the course book and will save the teacher much work, whilst getting the pupils to do their own vocabulary work. They can also apply their grammar in different contexts and practise translation skills.

J Tipton, Examiner and Peer Reviewer