Non-fiction and Creative Writing Teaching Toolkits for GCSE English Language

Suitable for all
GCSE 9–1 specs

Pick up and teach these inspiring and engaging scheme of works with clearly structured lesson plans and worksheets for teaching the fiction and non-fiction writing sections of the GCSE English Language exams. Reduce planning time and foster a love of writing in teachers and students alike!

Highly useful. Makes creative writing enjoyable and offers great strategies for helping students generate ideas... Develop[s] the skills and know-how to write fiction for publishing and for performing well in exams.T Gladwin, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

Each lesson includes:
✪ Lesson Plans ✪ Starters ✪ Main Tasks ✪ Extension Tasks ✪ Plenaries ✪ Homeworks

  • Everything you need – all resources provided, including a teacher’s manual with detailed exam and AO information, and useful tips and guidance on providing constructive criticism, running effective workshop-style lessons and motivating students
  • Fun and varied activities – from free writing to film reviews
  • Adapt by ability – extension tasks and differentiated homeworks enable you to mix and match your teaching to suit all students
  • Exam preparation! – put learning into practice with exam-style question bank!

Plus! Full indicative content for easy marking

Writing Lesson Overview
Creative Writing ① Character ② Setting ③ Plot and Structure ④ Narrative Perspective ⑤ Genre ⑥ Writing Descriptively ⑦ Dialogue
Non-fiction Writing ① Letters ② Speeches ③ Reports and Essays ④ Autobiographies and Travel Writing ⑤ Articles ⑥ Reviews

Excellent. You would be able to differentiate tasks based on the students you had in front of you… I could confidently give this to a member of my department to prepare students for their examination.R Goulds, Head of English and Independent Reviewer