A Level Edexcel General Election Case Studies

Full analysis of all the General Elections written specifically for the new A Level specification. Provides an in-depth chronology of events, from the key context, the campaigns and the media, right up to analysis of the final result.

It is of very high standard in all aspects

C Owen, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Students get the knowledge they need…

  • Key terms and objectives at the start of each chapter focus students’ learning
  • Learning grids and classroom activities consolidate knowledge and test understanding
  • Illustrated with graphs, polls and manifesto comparisons – breaks down knowledge for students and is great for visual learners

Written specifically for students and teachers – it is easy to follow and that is a difficult concept to achieve with a difficult topic

D Taborda, Deputy Head & Customer

… and key skills for the exam!

  • Debate questions throughout stretch and challenge students to consider ‘why’ each factor impacted on the election result.
  • Analysis puts the result in context and develops key comparison skills.
  • Finally, two exam-style essay questions with full mark schemes put those skills to the test.

Matches Edexcel perfectly

K Bennett, Teacher & Customer

What do teachers say about this resource? (10275, 10276)

I think that this has been carefully written with the 2019 election campaign fresh in the mind of the writer. The key context and campaign points have been included and it is a very good overview of the 2019 election campaign. Very useful for students of A Level Politics. Good to have discussion points dotted around the resource to keep students' minds focused. Party Campaign Strategies section is very good and shows what each of the parties mentioned had in mind for this election campaign - very good comparative tool. Stays faithful to the model ZigZag has produced for previous General Election Case Studies which is clear and shows good progression through the campaign itself. I know that I will be using this as an example to show my students - they will be studying the 1979, 1997 and 2019 elections as part of their studies but I will be taking from this resource and showing them the key parts that they need to include in their case study work. This is also excellent for showing students which parts of the case study apply to certain areas of the specification. Whilst the voter behaviour and media topic is clearly the predominant one in this, elections are also included in this as well as implicit links to Political Parties and their success factors. Therefore, educationally this is an excellent resource and more than just a case study. For Edexcel, it is exactly what we need. The case study broadly lends itself to the specification and it can be specifically applied to different aspects of the course as mentioned in question 3. It therefore is perfect for what we need and I already have a number of different ideas in how to use this beyond a case study as such.

D Taborda, Deputy HoD & Peer Reviewer

As the introduction cites this resource can be used in relation to the study of the elections of 1979 and 1997. Useful to link some of the sub titles such as the impact of the media to potential exam questions. Analysis to explain the reasons behind the results are very useful and important for the students to evaluate. Written in a coherent manner which is understandable to students without being patronising. Good analysis of the yougov. post election analysis.
[This resource enhances learning with a] direct link to the exam questions based on the analysis of three differing elections and questions to assess voting behaviour and the media. Use of key points is a useful tool for clarification and possible class discussion. Main value is the link to examinable materials both source and essay based. Presentation is clear and the written content is very coherent with a good balance of content and analysis. Very clear link to the 2017 specification which constantly needs updating...... the election was not expected until 2022 ! so a very welcome update as supercedes any text book material. In particular, as the teachers introduction states it gives leverage to compare with other elections. Very commendable. Very useful resource and benefits from its early "release" following the December election. I like the resource accessibility so students of differing abilities can gain from it.

C Owen, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I think that this is a very good, comprehensive resource pitched at the right level.
I think that it offers relevant analysis of the election data which is essential for study at this level.
The fact that this information and data is the most up to date will allow my pupils to construct relevant and detailed responses.
This resource is comprehensive in that it offers data and analysis. This will help guide some of my weaker pupils. It also offers sufficient challenge for my more able students.

H Young, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (8449)

I am highly impressed with this resource which is by a large margin the most comprehensive on this particular topic of the new specification. It is very detailed, has a logical sequence and directly references the key areas that may determine voting behaviour and explains both the historical and political context of the 1979 election... I think this is a superb resource which allows access to all students but fully challenges the most able… It has certainly made me rethink my approach to the topic and given me more scope to teach it with more information and ideas for linking activities.

C Owen, Teacher & Peer reviewer

Fantastic, lots of detailed information to support understanding... The learning grids help consolidate knowledge /learning... appropriate for high ability students... It’s versatile in that you can either create detailed lessons to teach (and the activities help) or can give to students to do their own research on a set question... Matches Edexcel perfectly.

K Bennett, Teacher & Customer

A very interesting and crucial election in Britain’s history... a very detailed and comprehensive resource... This covers the whole of the context of the Election including excellent statistics regarding voter behaviour... The whole election period is covered – start to finish – and all of the statistics required for the voting behaviour topic – a fantastic example of a resource... The textbook case studies are very brief – buying these will ensure the students are fully aware of what is expected and will be able to compare elections fully... perfectly matched, exactly what the exam board requires.

D Taborda, Teacher & Customer

The results by demographic section is excellent and very detailed. It gives a good overview of why different demographics voted the way that they did.. It is an IMPROVEMENT to the textbook and in this case furthers the information included.

D Taborda, Deputy Head & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (7921)

A very detailed overview of the 2010 election which is useful not only for the Voter and Behaviour Component but also for the Electoral Systems Unit and Political Party... The Social Class overview is very good – helps to explain the reasons why certain voter groups voted the way they did – the context also helps with this... It is another great resource which gives Teachers the confidence to teach this topic without worrying about a lack of knowledge or understanding... I would purchase in a heartbeat!

D Taborda, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (7870)

The ‘Campaign’ section is excellent – all the key events throughout the campaign are covered but not in an unnecessary amount of detail – this is very student friendly and can be given to the students to do as a whole case study as and where is needed... It enhances learning enormously and this will be an independent study task for my students next year.

D Taborda, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Very insightful, plenty of information... I particularly like the activities included within the pack... Makes lessons more engaging.

K Bennett, Teacher & Customer

As is the case of the 1979 election resource case study this is a remarkably in depth investigation into the context and outcome of the 1997 election. It is very detailed and contains a huge range of accessible resources and information... It is of very high standard in all aspects and links well with students using the Andrew Marr series on the History of Modern Britain and/ or the 50 minute documentary A Night to Remember... It is both readable and informative and will be of benefit to students of all abilities.

C Owen, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Reignited my interest in this election and reminded me how ground breaking this was – it is well captured and detailed and I like the resource a lot... The key content is included and explained well – the campaigns are clearly covered and the information on voter behaviour is excellent... It helps contextualise the importance of the 1997 election to the students and explains its importance... written specifically for students and teachers – it is easy to follow and that is a difficult concept to achieve with a difficult topic. If you need a detailed but easy to follow resource on the 1997 election then this is the resource to purchase.

D Taborda, Deputy Head & Customer

What do teachers say about this resource? (7871)

This resource helps with the planning and execution of the delivery of the 2017 election case study and compliments our case studies for the voter behaviour and media unit with very detailed information included which allows the Teachers delivering this unit to really understand how to progress through this unit and help their students with their progress... It is an improvement to the case study that we have been given and furthers the information included. I put together my own 2017 case study but this resource blows that out of the water and is something that I will be using with my students going forward!

D Taborda, Teacher & Peer Reviewer