2019 General Election

Boris, Brexit and Bolsover

The real story of the 2019 General Election.

From the themes to the details, the slogans to the smears, this is #UKGE2019 fully analysed for A Level Politics.

2019, 1997 and 1979 are a perfect combination for students to understand the twists and turns of British elections. From the history of the party factions to the changing role of the media, there is a goldmine of information and examples for students.

And with a new Brexit mandate, the SNP surge, and the trouncing of Labour and Lib Dems – this election marks a turning point in UK politics: the battlelines to come, which your students will follow in their formative years.

Perfect to 
engage students with the election topic! Edexcel Voting Behaviour & the Media. AQA Elections & referendums

Full analysis of the General Election written specifically for the new A Level specifications. Provides an in-depth chronology of events, from the key context, the campaigns and the media, right up to analysis of the final result.

Students get the knowledge they need…

  • Key terms and objectives at the start of each chapter focus students’ learning
  • Learning grids and classroom activities consolidate knowledge and test understanding
  • Illustrated with graphs, polls and manifesto comparisons – breaks down knowledge for students and is great for visual learners

Praise for previous editions:

Written specifically for students and teachers – it is easy to follow and that is a difficult concept to achieve with a difficult topic

D Taborda, Deputy Head & Customer

… and key skills for the exam!

  • Debate questions throughout stretch and challenge students to consider ‘why’ each factor impacted on the election result.
  • Analysis puts the result in context and develops key comparison skills.
  • Finally, two exam-style essay questions with full mark schemes put those skills to the test.

Also available: Manifesto Analysis (free)

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A Level AQA General Election Report: The 2019 Election
web/10275 | A Level / AQA 7151/7152 (2017 Specification)
A Level Edexcel General Election Report: The 2019 Election
web/10276 | A Level / Edexcel 8PL0/9PL0 (2017 Specification)