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UK General Election 2019: Election Report

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#UKGE2019: Manifesto Analysis

ZigZag Education's summary of the 2019 General Election manifestos.



Liberal Democrats

Scottish National Party

Plaid Cymru

Green Party

Brexit Party


Leave EU by 31/1/2020 with deal negotiated by PM in October 2019.

Negotiate new trade deal with EU by 31/12/2020. If no agreement leave without a trade deal.

Renegotiate deal to get ‘softer’ Brexit then hold a second referendum to let people choose between this deal and remaining in EU.

Stop Brexit by revoking Article 50, leaving UK as a full member of the EU.

Second referendum with remain on the ballot paper.

Scotland to remain in EU if it becomes independent.

Second referendum. Party to campaign to remain.

Second referendum to decide whether Britain leaves with a deal or remains.

Leave EU with a ‘clean break’ – must be no extension to the transition period (which at present stands to end on 31/12/20).


Invest £100bn in extra infrastructure spending over 5 years.

Reduce business rates once a review of the system has been completed.

Nationalisation of energy, rail, mail and water sectors, and part of BT.

£400bn on infrastructure investment over 10 years (£275bn over 5 years).

£10/hour real living wage.

Listed companies must have one third of their board as employees and a share of profits must go to their workers.

£50bn ‘remain bonus’ to be invested in public sector.

20% increase in minimum wage for workers on zero-hours contracts.

Increase paid maternity and paternity leave.

Statutory living wage raised to level of real living wage.

Increase worker representation on company boards.

£15bn to be allocated to create tens of thousands of ‘green jobs’.

Publicly owned full-fibre broadband by 2025.

Introduce universal basic income of £89/week for all to replace most social benefit payments.

Maintain subsidies and grants paid by EU to UK businesses,

NHS and Social Care

£34bn additional funding over next five years. Train 50,000 more nurses over next five years and bring back bursary scheme. Increase number of doctors by 6,000 over next five years. Build 40 new hospitals over next 10 years.

Increase health budget by 4.3% annually over the next parliament. Reduce private provision within NHS. Abolish charges for prescriptions and basic dentistry. Free personal care for older people as part of a new National Care Service.

Increase spending by £7bn/year.

End shortfall of number of GPs by 2025.

Provide guaranteed package of benefits and support for family carers.

Increase investment to allow Scotland to spend £17bn by 2024/5.

Legislation to prevent NHS being included in any future trade deals.

Increase Investment to fund social care of the elderly and increase early intervention.

£6bn/year extra funding and a ‘huge’ reduction in private sector involvement,

Must remain publicly owned, comprehensive and free at the point of use.

GP surgeries to be open 24 hours.


Raise teachers’ starting salary to £30,000 per year.

Create 250,000 extra childcare places during school holidays.

£3bn National Skills Fund to boost education and training.

Increase school funding to reverse cuts made since 2010.

Abolish university tuition fees and bring back maintenance grants for poorer students.

Remove charitable status from private schools.

Increase spending by £10.6bn/year. Recruitment of 20,000 more teachers. Bring back maintenance grants for poorer students.

Give every adult £10,000 to spend on skills and training throughout their lives.

Reversal of real-term cuts which have occurred since 2009.

£300m/year extra for schools and colleges.

Abolish university tuition fees for all undergrads and write off debt for ex-students who paid £9,000 fees.

Expand parental choice of school.

Abolish student loan interest.


Raise NI threshold to £9,500 in 2020, giving 31m workers a tax reduction of £100/year. Promise not to raise income tax, NI and VAT rates during next 5 years.

Reduce business rates.

Increase corporation tax from 19% to 26%.

Increase income tax for those earning £80,000+.

Scrap the income tax marriage allowance.

Windfall tax on oil companies.

1p rise in income tax for all, earmarked for NHS and social care.

Increase corporation tax to 20%.

Scrap the income tax marriage allowance.

Allow local authorities to increase Council Tax by up to 500% on second homes.

Measures to ensure international companies make proportionate contribution to tax revenue.

Tax incentives to help people and businesses to become greener.

Tax credits to every family in Wales who pay more than 30% of their income in rent and utility bills.

NI rate for higher earners to be increased from 2% to 4%.

Create a fairer income tax system by merging employees’ NI, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, dividend tax and income tax into a consolidated income tax.

Abolish inheritance tax.

Remove VAT on domestic fuel.

No corporation tax on small businesses for first £10,000 of profit.

Abolish rates for shops outside M25, to be paid by a small online sales tax.


Net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Moratorium on fracking.

Invest £9.2m for improving energy efficiency of homes, schools and hospitals.

Borrow £250bn to finance a ‘green industrial revolution’.

Majority of greenhouse emissions to be eliminated by 2030.

Create a million jobs plus 0.8m apprenticeships in climate change and the energy sector.

£100bn climate spending over five years. 80% of electricity to be generated from renewables by 2030.Greenhouse emissions to be eliminated by 2045.

75% reduction in emissions by 2035 and net zero of all emissions by 2045.

UK to remain aligned with EU environmental regulations, even if Brexit occurs.

Build 20,000 green social homes and make existing homes more energy-efficient.

Spend £100bn a year to cut emissions with aim of eliminating all greenhouse emissions by 2030. Plant 700m trees by 2030.

UK to recycle all its own waste. Make it illegal to export waste.

Plant millions of trees.


Repeal Fixed Term Parliament Act.

Introduce requirement for proof of voter identity at polling stations.

Review constitution relationship between Parliament and the courts.

Repeal Fixed Term Parliament Act.

Reduce voting age to 16.

Voter registration to be automatic.

Stop MPs taking extra paid jobs.

Introduce a lobbying register.

Reduce voting age to 16.

Have a written constitution.

STV system for electing MPs.

Elect House of Lords.

More power decentralised to local and regional bodies.

Devolve more powers to Scotland including employment law, drug policy, immigration and broadcasting.

Replace FPTP with STV. Reduce voting age to 16. Abolish House of Lords.

Devolve more taxation powers to cover VAT, air passenger duty and corporation tax.

Replace FPTP with PR.

Fully elect House of Lords.

Reduce voting age to 16.

Introduce system of state funding for political parties.

Abolish unelected House of Lords.

Reform voting system to PR. Referendums to take place on any issue for which at least 5m citizens sign a petition.


Build HS2 and Northern Powerhouse rail (Leeds to Manchester). Restore many of local rail lines closed by Beeching in 1960s.

Invest in superbus network.

Money for ‘biggest pothole-filling programme ever’.

Build HS2 and extend into Scotland. Build a ‘Crossrail for the North’.

Local authorities will get back control of bus system with reinstatement of axed bus routes. Free bus travel for under 25s.

Freeze train fares.

Build HS2 and extend rail network.

Open bidding for rail franchises to local authorities, not-for-profit organisations and public sector companies.

Reinstatement of axed bus routes.

Scottish railways to be controlled by the public sector in Scotland. Raise investment in bus priority infrastructure and rail links to England.

Electrify all main rail lines in Wales by 2030.

Phase out all petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030.

Free Wi-Fi on public transport.

Scrap HS2.


A points-based immigration system.

Build 300,000 homes per year by the mid 2020s.

Recruit 20,000 new police officers. Create 10,000 more prison places. Life imprisonment without parole for child murderers.

Build 100,000 new council houses and 50,000 social homes through housing associations each year.

Scrap Universal Credit.

Free broadband for all.

Recruit an extra 22,000 police officers.

Legalise the recreational use of cannabis.

Stronger penalties for animal cruelty.

Provide free childcare from nine months.

Second Scottish Independence referendum in 2020.

Scrap Trident.

Remove UK nuclear submarines from Scotland.

Recruit an extra 1,600 police officers for Wales.

Commission to reform drug laws.

Build 100,000 zero-carbon houses every year. Build more new social rented homes every year.

Cap permanent immigration at 50,000/year.

Increase police numbers.

Reduce overseas aid budget by 50%.


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