Starters and Plenaries for AS and A Level AQA English Language

Inject pace into your English Language lessons with these packs of pick-up-and-teach starter and plenary activities. Easy to use and all specifically designed for the 2015 specification, covering specific focus points such as tense and aspect, as well as broader areas such as Language and Gender (AS and A Level) and Language Change (A Level Only).

Effortless Delivery!
Write-on in-class activities complete with clear teacher's notes to consolidate and extend learning of language-level analysis for the next generation of linguists.

  • Ideal blend of individual, paired, small-group and whole-class activities develops independent and cooperative learning methods
  • Short and stimulating activities motivate and enthuse all learning styles
    → Includes opportunity to put textual analysis skills into practice with exam style-questions
  • All answers provided - great for AfL and speedy peer-assessment

Activities include: Mind maps, flow charts, label the diagram, role play, gap fill, data response, multi-choice, and many more!

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7868)
'Introduced a lot of important terms and concepts that students will need to know for the AS and A Level units... The tasks varied in form and function and would lead on neatly to exploring issues in greater depth... I particularly enjoyed the range of activities and the fact that some of the more basic concepts that students would be introduced to first were covered in way that learners would come to realise how this related to the 'bigger picture' and the role language plays in our lives... Students would find these tasks both enjoyable and manageable.' Rebecca Staley, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'A number of varied activities that would appeal to a large group of students - there’s something it in for everybody! Each activity was engaging and I thought the Teacher's Notes with cross referencing to the different topics was exceptionally effective. The introduction was useful without being patronising and could even be adapted as a blended learning instruction... I really like the answers at the back and how comprehensive they are... The layout and diagrams are really effective... A great all-round resource.' C Marshall, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'Lively, sharp exercises good for starters and revision... Supports learning the terminology for the A01 marks on the exam as well as furthering knowledge and thoughts about the different topics. It also supports the exam in terms of planning a response... A nice little book of useful activities that I could certainly utilise in class.' P Ault, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7869)
'The structure and accessibility of the resource was good.' S Alsop, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'The mini analytical tasks are really useful and are a great lesson starter to keep those data analysis skills going. The who wants to be a millionaire sheet is a great idea - this would be a really nice revision activity! I think this resource will be dipped into in times when time is short.' R Caveney, Teacher and Independent Reviewer