Practice Papers for GCSE AQA Business

Eight original exam-style papers for Paper 1 and Paper 2 – four papers for each.

2017 spec
Exams from 2019

Ensures students are familiar with the exam format and ready to answer each question type. Includes a full range of questions to allow practice across all the AOs.

Practice Makes Perfect!
  • Two formats: Write-on papers that mirror the AQA exam style exactly – perfect for realistic mocks and concise non-write-on papers for easy photocopying
  • Comprehensive coverage of all specification topics
  • Full range of question types including multiple-choice, calculation, short-answer and extended-response so students can refine their exam technique

The mark schemes are very clever and reflect examination specification thinking... The data material is spot on. The quality of questions is very good. I am impressed

D Holland, HoD, Examiner, Peer Reviewer

Put students in the place of the examiner!

  • Clear student-friendly mark schemes with marking guidance
  • Students see how marks are awarded, and how to improve answers
  • Ideal for quick marking and self-assessment

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What do teachers say about this resource? (8878)

A flexible and very useful resource. It reflects the new style qualification and exam paper for AQA. It will be a very positive addition to any busy teacher's toolkit... With a little manipulation it can be used in a multitude of ways: home-work, self assessments as well as classroom tasks... The mark schemes are very clever and reflect examination specification thinking... The data material is spot on. The quality of questions is very good. I am impressed.

D Holland, HoD, Examiner, Peer Reviewer

Clear and concise and supportive to the students. Match the exam spec well.

Helps with quantitative skill practice - much needed.

You don't get too many resources that match the spec as well as this.

A Jones, Assistant Deputy Head & Customer

Provides a similar experience to what students see in the real examinations... particularly valuable given the limited range of assessment material available for students studying this new course... Specification content is well covered through the assessment papers and gives students an opportunity to demonstrate their holistic knowledge which is a feature of the new qualification. Assessment weightings are well used to give students access to a range of assessment instruments covering the key skills required. The practice papers provide suitable coverage of quantiative skills again matching the requirement of the specification... Includes guidance for students about approaching the exams and the content of each exam in terms of subject knowledge and unit coverage. This is useful for both students and teachers given that this course presents new challenges in terms of its linear approach... acts as both a teaching tool and an assessment tool.

S Stones, Associate Leader, Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (7850)

The practice papers represent an excellent guide before the actual exams and they provide a wide variety of themes examined. Moreover they are of equal difficulty and help students to build their confidence and score better at their exams... I did like the questions and the recommended answers... It definitely enhances learning since it provides another tool for students and teachers to work with and increase the effectiveness of students at their exams. It is of high value for students and teachers as the students can better prepare for the exams and teachers would have more choices for their students to practice and provide examination taking techniques.

J Landrakis, Teacher, Moderator, Peer Reviewer

Great resource... It’s set out very clearly, complete with mark scheme etc... Will be great for students.

C Hagel, Curriculum Leader, Customer