Skills-focused Homeworks for AS and A Level AQA Spanish

Bespoke, interesting and engaging homeworks covering all 2016 AS and A Level AQA topics and practising a wide range of skills. For each of the six topics, there are three one–hour worksheets with different skills focus: ❶ Vocabulary, reading and summarising ❷ Grammar ❸ Writing and translation (both ways).

I can see so many uses to it! Extension work, homework, revision...

...It will definitely be worth every penny!

M C M Beltrán, Teacher and Peer Reviewer
  • Ensures students revise content and practise exam skills at the same time
  • Relevant and contemporary texts will keep students engaged and ensure up-to-date knowledge of Target Language countries
  • Every worksheet has built-in differentiation, making the resource suitable for all learners
  • Incredibly versatile: use as independent homework, topic revision or skill-based exam practice
  • Clear and detailed mark schemes for easy assessment including translations and summaries

What do teachers say about this resource? (8376)

This is amazing! The activities clearly target specific sub topics, making it very easy to be used in class. This resource clearly mirrors the themes that are included in A Level. It seems like an excellent resource to complement each topic and allow students to work focusing on different aspects (vocabulary, grammar, translation, etc.). I can see so many uses to it! Extension work, homework, revision… it will definitely be worth every penny!

M C M Beltrán, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

Very useful, it targets specific exam skills. Great for translations and grammar practice. It also links with board requirements. Very structured course.

A Kimberly, HoD and Customer

What do teachers say about this resource? (7782)

Buy it! It will save you so much time! Great resource to help prepare student for their exams on paper 1. Lots of strengths and weaknesses highlighted throughout.

C Scott, Curriculum Team Leader and Customer

The resource is produced by a native speaker and, as a result, is full of insightful and knowledge-based details and idiomatic expressions. The topics are expertly challenging and pitched at a suitable level whilst bridging the gap from GCSE. As a non-native teacher of the new A level the answers at the end are most useful! Gracias!

J Parker, Assistant Director of Languages and Peer Reviewer

I liked the integration of comprehension, grammar and extended writing with the use of AS topics and authentic language. The language used read like real Spanish, not a text book.

G Fagan, HoD and Peer Reviewer

Great resource, very useful for topic specific revision.

HoD and Customer