Topic on a Page for AS/A Level AQA

Covers the essentials concisely.

Unique, student-friendly A3 (photocopiable) revision posters cover all of the key concepts, terminology and theory of the AQA AS and A Level 2015 English Language specification.

  • Hand out at the end of the course or topic for revision and consolidation
  • Assign partially completed posters as in-class activities or homeworks
  • Display in classroom or use as place mats as visual cues

Each topic summary is provided as:

  1. A complete Revision Poster
  2. A partially complete Activity Poster with focused and varied tasks for structured revision

(in both A3 and A4 format!)

  • Concise notes summarise essential knowledge while diagrams and images support students’ visual understanding.
  • Carefully designed to encourage students to make clear links between key ideas in the exam – crucial for hitting those top grades!
  • Exam-style questions with annotated exemplars – puts focused revision into practice!

What do teachers say about this resource? (7764)

'An incredibly useful and user-friendly revision document. It would serve as a useful planning tool to aid teachers in ensuring that they cover a full range of language terminology and equally would be super useful for students wishing to revise and consolidate what they have learnt in class... The resource is VERY clear. Each page is set out helpfully to make what is a large amount of information clear and accessible.' R Caveney, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

'An excellent resource that will make for a display that is both attractive and inspiring. It has everything the students need to know and the unfinished posters mean that the students can have meaningful input that is guided towards their final assessment... It can be used on an everyday basis in the classroom and can also complement resources students use to revise from.' R Budyakova, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

'A fantastic resource for all teachers and students of A level English Language! This will be beneficial for students and teachers of all levels of experience within the subject as it provides key terminology and more! I like the way it is organised logically by language level and the excellent layout of each mind map which creates interest. It is a great one-page reminder for teachers to ensure full coverage of the terminology as well as students for both learning, testing and revision.' P Town, Head of English and Independent Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (7763)

'Very user-friendly, concise, focused, relevant and in a format the students can use for both their class work and their independent study. It should make revision manageable and directed towards the exam... An excellent resource that has been well thought through.' R Budyakova, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

'The layout is clear and the summaries of theories is excellent... Each topic area is organised into sub areas which is very helpful. Key terminology is used for subheadings and then explained referring to theorists which is very useful as students can easily see the key concept and then revise the details. The resource will be incredibly valuable to the students (and teacher) for their revision. It also doubles up as a handy checklist of areas to cover. I can see this resource being used as a revision guide after the main teaching has taken place and coming back to topics before the exam.' R Caveney, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

'An exceedingly reassuring text and reference guide, written with conviction and knowledge. I really liked the wealth of information available. I was certainly excited to see this resource and I think many other teachers would be. It has certainly provided me with what I would want – and more.' B Eve, Head of English and Independent Reviewer

'An excellent set of student-friendly mindmaps that really helpfully distil the key knowledge, terminology and theory required for the huge demands of the language diversity element of the course. When the possibilities are endless, it is nice to have this resource to ground students and reassure them... I really like the example analyses provided but mostly the way concepts are narrowed down to a page or two but still retain a high level of theoretical content, terminology and knowledge. They are presented in a way that ensures students can revise key points... Ideas are presented to allow students to show appropriate knowledge to reach higher grades in examinations because links/connections can be made between the ideas presented in each mindmap... These could easily be replicated by students as they provide useful models for how to revise such large amounts of content in a useful way.' - P Town, Head of English and Independent Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (7762)

'Overall, the resource is useful. The ideas are set out clearly. A good range of key information and questions are employed throughout this resource... The early pages make excellent revision notes. The resource sums up the main teaching points... The terminology is relevant with useful exemplification. The 2 exemplar texts are useful too. This enables the student to apply their knowledge.' L Robinson, Head of English and Independent Reviewer

'Absolutely fantastic! What a welcome change. This approach covers all of the key areas and it is presented in a really engaging and easy to access format. Students will really love this! I especially like the layout. It is really useful to have texts to analyse as well. So often these study/revision packs do not have enough data in them which is so useful to us as teachers. The resource also has an excellent tone. The language used to get across some of the key concepts is informal and quirky at times - this will be really engaging for the students. I can see myself using the completed mindmaps as display resources for my classroom. They look great and include all the key information that is needed. The unfinished mindmaps would be a great independent study resource which could be set as homework to support learning in class. They would also come in handy as structured revision materials as students could revise their class notes while working through the activities... A very versatile resource!' R Caveney, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

'What a fantastic idea. These are perfect overviews of key ideas, theories and concepts for A level students, presented in a friendly, accessibly and useful way. I love them! The way they have been organised into clear topics to enable meaningful revision for students. Several of the mind-maps also link similar/contrasting concepts/ideas to enable students to do this in the exam: a key skill needed to reach the higher grades. It gives just the right amount of key information about each/idea theorist: enough to remember in a closed-book exam where it is more important to link/connect/contrast theories than have detailed knowledge of just one study. It also encourages the use of specific terminology to enhance writing... A perfect way to get this learning across and aid revision... All topic areas are covered but the recourse goes well beyond the theories and ideas presented in AQA approved textbooks.' - P Town, Head of English and Independent Reviewer