Love Through the Ages Pre-1900 Anthology Activity Pack for AS and A Level AQA A English Literature

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AQA A AS & A Level

Ready-to-use activities systematically cover all 14 poems in the Pre-1900 Poetry Anthology with versatile individual and group tasks on the ever-relevant topic of love.

Promote independent thought

Line by line, students complete reading activities on vital concepts such as dialect, voice, binary opposites and pronouns. Great for pinpointing question-relevant ideas or unseen poetry practice!

Activities suit all learning types

From gap fills and debates, to pun-picking and modernising Shakespearean language – the huge variety of creative, visual, discussion, and kinaesthetic activities is sure to keep your class contributing and focused.

Mix and match to suit your class!

Self-contained, skill-building activities are labelled with the relevant AO – ideal for handouts to support weaker learners and stretch the gifted and talented.

Plus! Answers to all activities included.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7623)
‘Clearly well researched and the range of activities aimed at students are engaging and explorative in terms of the required assessment objectives for AQA. I liked the systematic approach – going through each poem in chronological order with a similar approach for each poem. Matches the specification well in terms of the way it leads students through the poetry collection. I was pleased to see that the AOs were linked to questions and activities so it is valuable in helping students to make the connection between their exploration of the poem/s and their exam. Provides students with a common route through the poems and to begin to consider the collection of poetry as a whole in relation to the over-arching theme of 'Love through the Ages'.’ – M Thresher, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer