Love Through the Ages Pre-1900 Anthology Activity Pack for AS and A Level AQA A English Literature

Set text for:
AQA A AS & A Level

Ready-to-use activities systematically cover all 14 poems in the Pre-1900 Poetry Anthology with versatile individual and group tasks on the ever-relevant topic of love.

Promote independent thought

Line by line, students complete reading activities on vital concepts such as dialect, voice, binary opposites and pronouns. Great for pinpointing question-relevant ideas or unseen poetry practice!

Activities suit all learning types

From gap fills and debates, to pun-picking and modernising Shakespearean language – the huge variety of creative, visual, discussion, and kinaesthetic activities is sure to keep your class contributing and focused.

Mix and match to suit your class!

Self-contained, skill-building activities are labelled with the relevant AO – ideal for handouts to support weaker learners and stretch the gifted and talented.

Plus! Answers to all activities included.