Comprehensive Course Companions for A Level AQA

Topics covered include:
Child Language Development
  • Phonological, Lexical, Semantic, Grammatical and Pragmatic
  • Development
  • The Caregiver
  • Child-directed Speech (or Motherese)
  • Reading and Writing
  • and more!
Language Change Coming soon!

Take a detailed look at how the English language changes and develops both through childhood and over the centuries with these comprehensive packs of notes and theories, engaging student activities and exam-style questions. Flexible format to support your teaching of the 2015 A Level AQA specification.

  • Versatile worksheets with regular tasks and discussion points encourage reflective thinking and spark debate
  • Methods of language analysis integrated throughout activities
  • Uses a stimulating and relevant range of unseen written, spoken and electronic sources, with methods of language analysis integrated throughout
  • Varied examples provided and complex theories explained in an accessible way
  • ‘Synoptic Opportunities’ help students recognise how the topics merge with, support or contrast one another

Plus Vital Exam Practice!

  • Exam-style questions prep students to achieve top marks across the AOs
  • Indicative content included
An excellent resource! Each aspect of the spec is covered in depth and enhanced definitions with charts enables to the student to recognise if they understand each concept... Modern research is informative and encourages debate... The question examples are very useful... The layout presents complex topics in an interesting format with examples and activities.S Fallon, Teacher and Independent Reviewer on Child Language Development