Practice Papers for GCSE Eduqas: Component 1 and Component 2

Plus sample answers and examiner’s commentary!

Helps students understand marking, improve their answers, and achieve top grades

Give your students the support they need to prepare for the new GCSE Eduqas exams. Three full practice papers for Component 1 and for Component 2 that mirror the Eduqas sample assessment material exactly. The papers ensure students are familiar with the format, are ready to answer each question type and gain complete practice across the AOs.

  • Carefully chosen extracts and thought-provoking themes including poverty, danger and challenge
  • Full student-friendly mark schemes – ideal for quick marking or self-assessment
  • Perfect for mock exams!
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7459)
'Excellent. A comprehensive pack that delivers far more than the title suggests... I particularly liked how teaching strategies that could be delivered across a period of time. It was useful to see different approaches and teaching methods used to enhance the benefits of the Practice Papers... The rationale behind the resource details the vast array of benefits using this document will bring - and it consistently delivers on this promise... The resource is of a very high standard and allows for the students to develop their exam skills in a range of ways. By having three papers, with detailed strategies and mark schemes, there is a host of opportunities for development. The overview of how the resource could be utilized across groups with differing abilities was a great bonus... The layout was very clear and incredibly helpful. The papers mirrored what you would expect to see in a real exam and the mats were a really useful and colourful resource... Everything was very clear and easy to navigate... It's an excellent fit to the spec. The writer has endeavoured to take on board all of the relevant guidance from the exam board and use it to write matched papers but also to provide support on how best to answer the paper - information that isn't readily available. The writer demonstrates considerable insight into the challenge and demand expected of the students and provides numerous strategies on how to succeed.' Claire Parnell, Curriculum Manager, Edexcel Principal Examiner and Independent Reviewer
'Good examples of how to answer some of the questions... Gives students exposure to non-fiction texts.' K Vincent, Customer, Head of English and Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7433)
'A good set of resources with helpful sample answers, in line with samples from the board... The passage length is appropriate and the questions are geared towards the board... A time-saving resource that is a good demonstration of the type of text the board might select for component 1.' K Vincent, Customer Head of English and Reviewer
'A useful and effective resource for use in the classroom or as individual papers for students to complete as homework. The instructions are sufficiently straightforward and clear for students to work through the activities at their own pace, even without the presence of a teacher... The range of Reading materials is interesting... The sample answers are very useful for students to understand the progression of skills.' - P Adair, Examiner and Independent Reviewer