SOS Writing Cards for GCSE English Language

Develop Students’ Skills, Craft and Independent Learning

Genius. Great for guiding pupils' thinking, so that they are ready in the high-pressure circumstance of an exam. Thanks for the clarity, the flexibility and the usefulness! S Owen, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
Creative Writing Cards cover:
  • Idea generation techniques
  • Character creation methods
  • Foreshadowing
  • Character motivations
  • Pacing
  • ... And much more!
Non-Fiction Writing Cards cover:
  • Speeches
  • Travel Writing
  • Diaries
  • Blogs
  • Reports
  • ... And much more!

Clear and Versatile Teaching Aids!

Three sets of double-sided prompt cards focus on the components of narrative and non-fiction writing. The front of each card explains a concept, while the reverse offers a fully contained activity.
  • Adaptable – easy to use in series or as stand-alone cards
  • Flexible – great for independent work, creative writing groups, homework, or as class activities

Great Preparation for GCSE Exams!

❶  Inspirations cards provide idea generation techniques. ❷  Makeover cards explain the editing process – the ideal remedy for when a student cries ‘I’m finished!’ ❸ The Extra Mile cards stretch students to be convincing, effective and clear. Everything your student needs for AO5!
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7394)
'Useful strategies and tools for learners to use when writing creatively... Flexible in terms of how they can be used.' M Tett, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'Excellent, high quality resource which can be used with all students at any level of ability... I loved the phrasing and wording of each card. The tone was chatty, friendly almost, and completely in the line with the kind of resources I create and those that my students would take to. I really like the variety of ideas across the cards; the possibilities are endless as there are hundreds of fantastic ideas... Lots of scope for independent and group learning. Cards can be used in order, independently or mix and match. Can be adapted to a range of styles and attached to other tasks, making it the perfect resource for this question.' J Roe, GCSE Programme Area Leader and Independent Reviewer
'The concept is good as I think creative writing is an area that is often under resourced and I know many teachers and students who find approaching creative writing quite intimidating... I like the idea of prompt cards and the idea of students perhaps begin able to choose which card might help their writing... I like the writer's tone, it feels relatable, not too 'stiff' or teacherly and I think students would find that too... There are useful ideas and prompts that students would find helpful and relatable. e.g. details of how to use events from their own lives to improve their writing... The resource could be used successfully as an aid to lesson planning, to create whole class creative writing teaching sequences (related to a particular text/genre/topic etc.) or alternatively would be a useful extension task or homework resource.' R Johnson, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'The choice of topic areas is very strong. Guides students through all of the key stages of fiction creation. I liked the general organizational mode, moving from initial inspiration to makeover.' - J Clarke, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'A useful set of tasks which you could literally copy and distribute. Good to inform teaching, and to prompt students to write in an area where they generally feel quite uncomfortable. Directs towards achieving the elements of the mark scheme which are often overlooked. I really liked the three sections in the process; writing a story which develops the more basic skills; then moving on to review the writing and edit and develop it further, and then to add more to the story to enhance the skills. This lends itself to differentiation. The advice on writing an effective piece of creative writing is very good and provides a stage by stage build up of techniques in the first batch of cards. It encourages pupils to review their writing and enables them to see how to use the elements of creative writing which receive marks. I like the references to spicing up syntax and being more ambitious with vocabulary, as for students who struggle with spelling, this can be a lifeline to a large number of marks.' - K Chanter, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
"These are genius. Simple, effective, focusing on different aspects of a short story – they would provide pupils with a host of places to start! Broken up into Inspirations, Makeover Moments and The Extra Mile – the planning, drafting and upgrading sections are all covered." - S Owen, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7612)
'A valuable resources that can be easily set up to use in the classroom... The different type of cards considered different types of students. This makes differentiation easier for the teacher and ensures that the needs of each student are being addressed... I like the tone of the cards. Students respond better to this lighthearted approach, especially at exam season... I like how the makeover moments can be used by teachers to specifically address the targets of students and they also encourage the students to proofread their own work and improve it, which is something that most students forget to do during their practice questions... The presentation is clear and easy for all students to follow.' K Greaves, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'I really liked the idea behind the resource and there is definitely a need for this type of resource... I liked the simple, easy to understand and formulaic layout of the cards. Students would be able to use this type of format with limited teacher input... These cards would be great in a lesson where you needed to spend time with individual students as students would be able to use them. The tricky aspect with any extended writing is students knowing where to start; this type of resource would help them with that.' J Sallabank, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'This is a well presented resource with some interesting writing ideas. I liked the double sided feature. I also liked the variety of ideas. This would be a useful resource for extension activities , homeworks, NQTs and cover lessons.' - L Morris, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'Lots of good and interesting tasks... The overall approach was very racy and exciting... There is certainly a lot of good material here which would be useful in a classroom.' - S Griffin, Teacher and Independent Reviewer