Bridging the Gap from GCSE to A Level English Language

Demystify terminology and target tricky areas with this series of engaging, progressively challenging language activities. Tackling the transition from GCSE to A Level, this pack provides fun but thorough practice across the fundamentals of textual analysis.

Activities include:
  • ‘Term/definition’ match up
  • ‘Regional accent’ role play
  • Mind maps
  • Discussion tasks
  • And much more!
  • Heaps of engaging activities clearly structured by each language level – easy to dip in and out of!
  • Gradually builds in difficulty – ensuring students have the confidence to improve skills and expand understanding
  • Enjoyable stimulus material across relevant text types from text messages to cooking instructions – perfect practice for applying knowledge to unseen extracts
  • Great for all learners – providing ‘tips’ for weaker learners and ‘extension tasks’ for high achievers
  • Answers to all activities included!