Comprehensive Course Companions for AS / A Level AQA

All in one place! No other resource, including the AQA-approved textbook, covers the relevant theory in this detail.D MacDonald, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
Topics covered include:
  • Deficit Theory
  • Dominance Theory
  • Difference Theory
  • Laughter
  • Sexual identity
  • Socialisation
Occupational Groups
  • Hierarchy and Power
  • Specialist Lexis
  • Discourse Structure
  • Convergence and Divergence
  • Occupational Address
  • Saving Face
Regional National and International Variations
  • Accent
  • Dialect
  • Attitudes
  • World Englishes (A Level Only)

Explore language diversity in its various social contexts with this comprehensive pack of notes and theories, engaging student activities and exam-style questions. Flexible format to support your teaching of the new 2015 AQA specification.

Uses a stimulating and relevant range of unseen written, spoken and electronic sources – perfect for the synoptic approach of the new spec!

  • Versatile worksheets with regular tasks and discussion points encourage reflective thinking and spark debate
  • Methods of language analysis integrated throughout activities
  • Varied examples provided and complex theories explained in an accessible way
  • ‘Synoptic Opportunities’ help students recognise how the topics merge with, support or contrast one another

Plus Vital Exam Practice!

  • Exam-style questions prep students to achieve top marks across the AOs
  • Indicative content included