Aspects of Tragedy and Aspects of Comedy: Companions to the Edexcel Shakespeare Critical Anthologies for AS/A Level

Essential Critical Anthology Companions tailored to your chosen Shakespeare text.

Engaging activities throughout prompt analysis, spark debate and promote key research skills.

For each critical essay…

  • Focused summaries and in-depth studies of key quotations provide model analyses to facilitate independent study.
  • Relevant contextual notes widen students’ knowledge of AO3.
  • Further reading studies analyse linked critical essays, encouraging students to form personal and developed interpretations.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Hamlet and Othello are endorsed for the 2015 A Level Edexcel English Specification.

Endorsed for Edexcel

As well as…

  • Whole-anthology study mind maps compare critics’ views.
  • Detailed exam advice ensures students know exactly what to expect.
  • Sample essay questions for crucial exam practice!


  • Full glossary
  • Suggested answers to all activities