Literary Criticism Companion for AS/A Level

A cracking little resource! Appropriate and useful for the demands of the new A Level specifications. K Chanter, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer

Get to grips with the often challenging world of Literary Criticism with these versatile notes and activities specifically designed for A Level English Literature.

Strengthen understanding with detailed yet accessible notes on key theorists, concepts, critics and quotes.

  • Break down key movements including Psychoanalysis, Marxism, Feminism and New Historicism.
  • Plus enhance learning with varied activities including extension tasks for high achievers.

Equip students to integrate criticism into their exam answers and achieve top marks across AOs.

  • Indispensable essay advice, annotated sample paragraphs and practice essay questions.

Also included…

  • Timeline of Literary Criticism
  • Key term glossary and jumbo crossword – great for revision!
  • Answers to all activities