Unseen Fiction / Non-Fiction Preparation Packs

for Eduqas GCSE Language

Boost students’ confidence in analysing unseen fiction and non-fiction texts with these rich and comprehensive banks of ❶ extracts with ❷ student activities and ❸ exam-style questions.

Full preparation for the reading sections of the Eduqas GCSE English Language specification:

❶  Carefully considered extracts
  • 8 debate-provoking extracts for non-comparison packs and or 8 pairs of extracts for comparative packs
  • Wide range of intriguing themes from secret societies to beauty blogging – mirrors the unpredictability of the Reading exams and prepares students for tricky texts
❷  Accompanying introductory and differentiated worksheets
  • Clearly structured pre-reading, comprehension and analysis activities for each extract
  • Develop key analytical skills needed for exam success
  • Answers to all activities – ideal for quick marking!
Worksheets included at two fully differentiated levels:
1. Scaffolded activities allow lower-ability students a straightforward way into the text
2. Higher-ability sheets challenge fast finishers!

❸  Exam-style questions for every question type
  • Apply learning and improve exam technique
  • Plus! Full student-friendly mark schemes – perfect for self-assessment and identifying areas for improvement

Embed in lesson plans or hand out for individual study!

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7149)

'I really enjoyed this resource. It included a range of topical readings that I could link clearly to many of the themes covered in class...I think it is great.' C McFlynn-Goewey, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

'A thoughtful and methodological approach to dealing with the reading components of the new Eduqas English Language spec... The extracts that have been selected are engaging and pertinent to the exams undertaken so far... The resource is useful for standalone activities (homework or intervention) and provide a structured approach for responding to reading within a classroom environment... [The resource] would be incredibly useful for intervention as it helps students to structure their reading response with a range of pertinent questions... There are effective key words that are clearly explained, to support student knowledge of subject terminology and students can actively engage with the resource (e.g. using dictionaries, completing paired/group tasks)... There is clear focus on close language analysis, which is always an aspect of the specification that students struggle with... The extension tasks are effective for more-able students... The mark schemes are clear and effective allowing specialists and non-specialists alike to be able to support students to boost their responses and access the higher grades/bands offered by the spec... The resource as a whole would suit either the preparation for the introduction of the skills but, more effectively, for individual study as part of revision... A really well structured resource that gets to the heart of what students are expected to do... It is refreshing see a collection of resources that puts students at the heart of their own development and tries to engage them in a range of broad social issues that are relevant to students' own lives... A great time saver!' H Jackson, Assistant Headteacher and Independent Reviewer

'The structure of the comprehension advice is good, and enables students to understand the AO's for Eduqas... The guidelines on analysing texts are very helpful and comprehension guides excellent.'- S Fallon, Teacher and Independent Reviewer