Structured Cover Lessons for GCSE English Language

16 fully resourced, versatile cover lessons ensure high-quality GCSE English Language cover, even for unplanned absences!

Structured lessons that supply teachers can pick up easily
  • Standalone: All resources provided including answers and examples – great for non-specialists!
  • Student-friendly worksheets covering a diverse range of language topics, allowing you to choose a lesson that fits with your scheme of work
  • Designed to cover key new GCSE spec requirements across Reading and Writing
  • Built-in Extension Tasks and Challenge Tasks ensure even your fastest finishers stay motivated and on-task for the whole lesson
  • Plus self-marking checklists to help students target weaker areas independently

All student worksheets packed with innovative and visually appealling tasks from composing Haikus to analysing the language of Dickens and H G Wells!

Lessons include: Responding to Reading; Reading for Information; Writing About a Text; Using Meaningful Vocabulary; Perfect Your Proofreading; Describing in Detail; Creating Setting; Using Imagery; Building a Character