Structured Cover Lessons for GCSE English Language

16 fully resourced, versatile cover lessons ensure high-quality GCSE English Language cover, even for unplanned absences!

Structured lessons that supply teachers can pick up easily
  • Standalone: All resources provided including answers and examples – great for non-specialists!
  • Student-friendly worksheets covering a diverse range of language topics, allowing you to choose a lesson that fits with your scheme of work
  • Designed to cover key new GCSE spec requirements across Reading and Writing
  • Built-in Extension Tasks and Challenge Tasks ensure even your fastest finishers stay motivated and on-task for the whole lesson
  • Plus self-marking checklists to help students target weaker areas independently

All student worksheets packed with innovative and visually appealling tasks from composing Haikus to analysing the language of Dickens and H G Wells!

Lessons include: Responding to Reading; Reading for Information; Writing About a Text; Using Meaningful Vocabulary; Perfect Your Proofreading; Describing in Detail; Creating Setting; Using Imagery; Building a Character

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7139)
'A comprehensive resource which covers the key elements of the new GCSE specification... It provides ample opportunity for students to experience a range of literary texts... It allows students to experience a range of texts which are rich in language and might be unfamiliar to them. The tasks also allow an element of stretch and challenge whilst being accessible and ambitious... The lessons follow the same format which makes it easy to follow and to be able to set for cover. The tasks are self explanatory and provide students with enough information to be able to access them... Teacher notes and answers are helpful, especially if non-specialist teachers are covering lessons.' L Richards, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'Clearly focuses on the requirements of the new GCSE specifications and would help students develop the required skills. A very useful resource and would help many, if not all, English departments set effective cover when subject specialists are absent.' - L Deighton, Head of English and Independent Reviewer
'A unique resource as it provides cover lessons with clear learning aims rather than activities to simply keep students busy. The handouts are easy to follow and clear... It would be easy for a non-specialist to deliver and could be used for emergency cover, homeworks or small group work... Very useful for exam preparation.' - L Morris, Head of English, Examiner and Independent Reviewer
'This is an excellent resource written by a teacher who knows the dread of cover lessons! It is structured, focused and very easy for both students and cover teachers to follow... Ideal for a cover teacher!' - J Sallabank, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'Useful as emergency cover. Really liked some of the creative extension tasks.' K Chanter, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'All of the worksheets have been considered with the exam in mind – they certainly support learning... Each lesson focuses on a key exam skill. Pupils could self-select a task that will improve an area of weakness... The self-assessment checklists are VERY useful.' - S Owen, Head of English and Independent Reviewer