Discussion Podcasts for A Level AQA B

Improve student focus with creative delivery!

Debates with follow-up activities analyse set texts through the lens of Aspects of Tragedy.

All debates are recorded onto CD as podcasts and provided as paper transcripts.

Build confidence step by step…

  • 10 debates respond to topical questions from multiple viewpoints in an easy-to-use, accessible format. Includes discussion of critics and context.
  • Debate-focused activities prompt further discussion and encourage independent thought and research
  • 1 practice essay and 1 comparison question per debate develop key essay-writing skills and prepare students for the exam
  • Check students are on the right track – full indicative content provided

🎧 Click here for a one-minute sample of King Lear: Podcast 4. 🎧

🎧 Click here for a one-minute sample of The Great Gatsby: Podcast 7. 🎧