Exam Practice for AS and A Level Edexcel German

Original texts or recordings followed by AS or A Level exam-style questions and answers covering all AS/A Level Year 1 or A Level Year 2 topics. Comprehensive, skills-focused packs written specifically for the 2016 Edexcel specification.

  • Covers a wide range of text sources used by Edexcel – so students will be very fully familiar with exam format
  • Multiple opportunities to practise each task type in different contexts continuously develop students’ exam skills
  • Engaging texts on topical issues in Target Language countries – make sure students are up to date for exams
  • Clear and detailed marking criteria – perfect for peer-assessment

  • Text types include: articles, advertisements, literary texts, testimonials, interviews, blog posts and reports
  • 36 activities covering a range of verbal and non-verbal response tasks mirroring the SAMs
  • Includes summary tasks with exam-style mark schemes
  • Includes: factual and informative texts, interviews, reports, dialogues and testimonials
  • Recordings by native speakers
  • Transcripts for all recordings provided
  • Practices both non-verbal and verbal response questions, including listening summaries

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (8535)
'Very well written and thoughtfully chosen texts. The students feel reassured with their listening skills.' S Jagon-Moore, German Lecturer and ZigZag Education Customer
'The texts are all very high-quality and meet the specification very well, using a range of topical and other high-level vocabulary.' A Watson, German Teacher and Ind. Reviewer.
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (8486)
'I really enjoyed reading the texts; they’re very illuminating about specific aspects of German-speaking culture and have clearly been written by a native speaker. It’s interesting and fun whilst also being mapped to the AS topics.' A Watson, Teacher, Examiner and Ind. Reviewer