Differentiated Translation Practice for GCSE AQA

Available for French, German and Spanish

Excellently conceived... Very well matched to the new specification, all areas and subtopics are covered. S Bridge, German Teacher & Independent Reviewer

Tackle this challenging new exam requirement with comprehensive, fully differentiated packs written specifically for the 2016 specifications. Split into:

  1. Practice section: 19 Foundation and 19 Higher worksheets, with preparation tasks developing useful translation techniques and relevant vocabulary
  2. Exam section: 12 sets of two-way translation tasks for both Foundation and Higher
  • Gradually builds students’ skills and teaches them strategies for translating from and into Target Language – ensure they are ready to tackle any exam text!
  • Full coverage of the 2016 specification – topics, grammar and vocabulary mirror the specification
  • Exam-style translation mark schemes and model answers – so you know what to expect
  • Flexible: ‘Teachers can use the resource as classwork and homework or students can even use it as self-study’ (review from N Booth). Also suitable for exam revision.

Also available for: Edexcel

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6888)
'This is a very useful and effective resource which saves lots of planning time. It covers the new AQA GCSE French specification well. I’d definitely recommend purchasing this resource as it develops translation skills very effectively, and is very relevant for both the reading and writing examinations' DSutton, Head of Department and ZigZag Education Customer
'Brilliant! Thank goodness someone is producing additional resources for the new spec GCSEs. I’d recommend it to them as time saving and allowing additional resources to prep students.' S Warner, Director of MFL and ZigZag Education Customer
'Interesting development of translation skill which engages students. Particularly pleased with presentation in ring folder which makes it very easy to use.' D Marks, Tutor and ZigZag Education Customer
'This is a very good resource which will help teachers tackle this daunting new skill at GCSE. I like the fact that all topics from the specification have been covered. The tasks are differentiated (Foundation and Higher) which makes this resource accessible to all learners.' E Bernard, Head of MFL and Independent Reviewer
'I love this resource (...) It is exactly what is needed to address the needs of the new AQA GCSE French specification.' V Pick, Head of French and Independent Reviewer
'I like the use of cultural resources (songs / videos) embedding the vocabulary needed. The tasks are straightforward, allowing students to work independently and the use of Foundation / Higher tasks jointly allows for students’ progression.' Y Graignic, Head of MDL and Independent Reviewer
'Great resource which can be used in different ways, in lessons, for howework or assessment. (...) Translation is not an easy task but with these exercises, it becomes less daunting.' V Fournet, Head of French and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6824)
'This is an excellent resource, which is specifically tailored to the reformed AQA GCSE Spanish specification. It breaks down each topic into manageable activities which allow students to practise topic specific vocabulary before this is used in longer exam-style translations. This is well worth the investment as it will allow students to develop their translation skills very effectively.'
'An excellent resource that could prove to be vital to teachers of the new spec. Some exercises are very similar to exam type questions and these could be used for assessment purposes. Other exercises are good to practise translation skills, and there is an obvious distinction between foundation and higher levels.' C Brockenbrow, Teacher and Ind. Reviewer.
'Excellent specification match. Well-structured practice material. It provides integrated vocabulary and grammar practice.' D Marks, Tutor and ZigZag Education Customer
"An excellent resource that focuses on translation skills and grammar activities with some brilliant translation practice worksheets included as follow up." -- J Ermina, Independent Teacher and Examiner.
'A very good resource for pupils to practise their translation skills and it matches the challenges of the new GCSE specification well. This resource gives pupils ample opportunities to practise their translation skills on a topic basis. It gives pupils some useful hints and tips to think about when translating and I feel that it also provides challenging translations for high achieving pupils.' S Peterson, Head of Spanish and Independent Reviewer
'An effective resource to practise new elements of the new specification. (...) The different styles of questions themselves enhance learning and develop both grammatical awareness and idiomatic expressions. I am excited about this new element to the spec as I believe it is an essential part of language learning and this resource develops those skills.' J Blencoe, Spanish Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'Fabulous! I like the fact that it is tiered into Higher and Foundation, and I find incredibly useful that it comes with actual exam tasks that can be used thoroughout the year as assessments. The scaffolding of tasks provides appropriate support for weaker students. I really like how the vocabulary tasks help introduce the topic and the fact that students are invited to use logic to solve tasks (...) There is a great variety of structures, tenses, connectives, conjuctions…. It is a very comprehensive resource.' R Bravo, Spanish Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'An excellent resource which I believe will become very popular. It is a very effective step by step guide to translation that teachers can use as classwork, homework or students can even use it as self-study. I particularly admire the broken down approach to tacking quite a difficult skill. There are so many exercises that students will have the opportunity to master this skill in preparation for the written examination paper and develop their overall grammatical approach which will support students’ writing and speaking skills. The fact that each topic has been covered in detail means that students will be able to practice their skills throughout the GCSE course.' N Booth, Head of MFL and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6825)
'This suits the new specification very well and gives the students lots of opportunities to practice their translation skills – which in turn helps to practice their vocabulary. Thanks for taking the time to make this!' R Chapman, Head of German and ZigZag Education Customer
"A helpful targeted resource to develop a very specific skill [...] It also offers thorough coverage of some key grammatical structures/features [...] in a step-by-step manner. Positive too is that the resource caters for a wide range of abilities. The inclusion of answers and sample responses also enhances its value as a self-access/ self-help resource." -- H Scott Murphy, Independent Teacher and Examiner
'Plenty of stretch and challenge at all levels - clear focus on the vocabulary in the specification and useful grammar point focus in each chapter. Prepares students well for the exam sections (with teacher intervention) to show pupils how to manage particular structures.' - J Tipton, Teacher, Examiner, Former HoD and Independent Reviewer
'Excellently conceived (...) Very well matched to the new exam specification, all areas and sub-topics are covered. The range of activities to complete before the 'exam practice' is great and the extra bank of translations towards the end are fantastic.' S Bridge, German Teacher and Independent Reviewer