Skirrid Hill: Awesome Analysis & Activities for A Level (first teaching 2015)

Set text for:
  • AQA A A Level
  • Eduqas A Level

Comprehensive and well-researched summaries, thought-provoking discussion prompts, commentaries, activities and links to AOs for all 41 poems in the Skirrid Hill collection. Contains all the essentials for exploring the emotional and geographical divides between contrasting themes such as life and death, childhood and adulthood, and England and Wales.

Nearly 200 pages of content, including 3–4 pages on every one of the poems. Perfectly matched to the new specification and ready to use in class – the only resource you’ll need to teach this powerful collection!

Clear structure featuring:

  • Guided analytical tasks for each poem
    • Check understanding and encourage continual analysis – great for independent study
    • Ensure students are engaged with the collection – they’ll know the poems inside out!
  • Thorough AO-linked commentary providing depth and breadth for every poem
  • Original illustrations
  • Complete glossary helps students with the need-to-know terms
  • Plus: Exam Preparation section ensures students are fully prepared for assessment!
    • Includes practice questions, sample answers and detailed examiner commentary
Also available for A Level WJEC