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Freaky Fiction for GCSE Spanish

Interesting, compelling, exciting, thought-provoking and original short stories F Di Piazza, Head of MFL & Independent Reviewer

This range of compelling, genre-specific narratives and accompanying exercises merges teen-friendly themes with essential GCSE skills.

If your students are more interested in the latest sensation in teen fiction than the complexities of the Spanish language, if they prefer vampires to verbs, then look no further!

  • Carefully written, authentic and compelling stories broken into six manageable chapters
  • Differentiated exercises covering a wide range of skills: vocabulary, grammar, translation, comprehension, speaking and writing
  • Support sheets provide additional scaffolding while extension tasks stretch the most able
  • Includes full answers for easy self-, peer- and teacher assessment
  • Starter and advanced packs available to suit different stages of the course and varying abilities

And with authentic texts, translation practice, relevant topical links and historical and cultural references aplenty, you can be sure you are preparing students for the expectations of the new 2016 GCSE specifications. What better way to get pupils enthused about language?

Starter Packs – designed for GCSE Year 1, or lower-ability groups
Freaky Fiction: GCSE Spanish Starter Pack (Dystopia) In Zaragoza, a deadly attack by the terrifying Los Imperos has brought on a new ice age, forcing a group of survivors to live in a hidden crypt below an old monastery. Leading the rebellion against the ruthless dictators are Ankira and Joaquín- but is it too late to salvage their barren city and broken society…?

Advanced Packs – designed for GCSE Year 2, or higher-ability groups
Freaky Fiction: GCSE Spanish Advanced Pack (Sci-Fi) An ordinary camping trip takes an unusual turn for four teenagers when they stumble upon a mysterious cabin in the woods. Armed with new-found superpowers, the friends set out to save their town from destruction, but not everything goes to plan. A playful take on the superhero genre.
Freaky Fiction: GCSE Spanish Advanced Pack (Thriller) A gripping suspense story set in Colombia. When Luís, a seventeen-year old boy from Barcelona, arrives on a visit in Cartagena de Indias, he witnesses a kidnapping of a young girl. The kidnappers’ threats prevent the crime from being reported to the police, yet Luís cannot forget about the beautiful Ximena… can he save her from a terrible fate?