Stretch and Challenge for GCSE AQA Spanish – Listening, Reading and Writing

(Speaking coming soon)

The fun, fresh approach to differentiation

Reward your fast finishers! Engaging, ready-to-use, skills-focused packs of independent exercises to enthuse high achievers.

Absolutely inspirational

R Bravo, Teacher and Peer Reviewer
  • A wide range of original stimulus material covering different types of sources
  • A wealth of fun and engaging tasks, such as games, cryptograms, taboo, speed-dating and races – enjoyable extra work for G&T students
  • Clearly marked individual, pair and group tasks with each topic – flexible resource suitable for individual extension work and whole-class use by able groups

It has a wealth of tasks which are challenging and varied

J Johnson, Teacher and Customer

Plus! A close focus on exam success:

  • All 2016 GCSE AQA Topics covered
  • Additional grammar support deals specifically with the trickiest points from the Higher Tier list
  • Clear links to useful exam skills, with a cross-reference grid (reading) or useful phrases (speaking) provided at the start of the resource

What do teachers say about this resource? (8172)

So impressed! Really useful. The themes are very recent and up-to-date.The tasks are designed to build on students’ skills and there is a very helpful focus on advanced grammar. I really like how the resource incorporates specific vocabulary and that there is room for independent study, pair and group work. It is dynamic and will engage students easily.

R Bravo, HoD, Examiner and Peer Reviewer

It has a wealth of tasks which are challenging and varied. It included a lot of relevant topics which relate to the interests/concerns of young people, so my pupils engage more with the tasks.

J Johnson, Teacher and Customer

The resource very effectively integrates topic-specific vocabulary, deduction of meaning, general comprehension and translation techniques. The exercises are challenging but the element of collaborative group and pair work exercises lend itself to peer teaching.

G Fagan, HoD and Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (7564)

Extremely thorough and helpful for stretching pupils to reach levels 8 and 9. I particularly liked the "Building your base" activities, which can be used in all contexts. It builds on KS3 knowledge without patronising learners. They are constantly encouraged to use more advanced language. The activities are clearly structured, leading to much more learner Independence. More able students really welcome the challenge provided by these activities.

D Marks, Tutor and Customer

I'm so impressed! It's really useful and has a great variety of activities. Absolutely inspirational.

R Bravo, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

This resource will provide students with additional practice and support when developing an outstanding piece of writing. I believe that it has very clear guidance about what students should do in order to maximise the performance when producing a piece of writing.

A S Caro, HoD and Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (6646)

Overall, I think this is a good resource. The author has offered a wide variety of exercises that fit well the topics covered in the new 2016 specification. The exercises are exciting and would certainly engage the most able students for this ‘Stretch and Challenge’ resource.

N Booth, Head of MFL and Peer Reviewer