King Lear: Comprehensive Guide AS/A Level (first teaching 2015)

Set text for:
  • AQA AS & A Level
  • Edexcel A Level
  • Eduqas A Level

Madness, morality, dishonesty and, of course, the unavoidable cruelty of Shakespearian fate – this tragedy has everything you need to keep students absorbed! Ready-to-use study notes guide with fantastically clear and comprehensive analysis, along with discussion prompts and class exercises to deepen students’ understanding of Shakespeare’s dark and deceitful play.

Engage your students!

Includes debate prompts; active learning tasks; further reading suggestions; key literary and linguistic terms; practice essay questions throughout!

Tackles the key stages of text analysis:

  1. Walk-through
    Thorough section-by-section commentary walks students through each scene
  2. Drawing it all together
    In-depth discussion of whole text focuses on: characterisation, relationships, genre, themes, attitudes and values, language, form, structure, context, literary approaches
  3. Indicative content
    To support teaching by making sure all key areas are covered

Plus! A glossary of key terms ensures full understanding

Thorough resource covering key aspects of the play and of tragedy. Student accessible too! Could be given to allow them to work through sections independently. P Upton, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer