The Wife of Bath Comprehensive Teaching Pack for A Level (exams from June 2017)

This comprehensive teaching pack ensures student engagement with a structured combination of detailed notes and ready-to-use worksheets.

Fantastic structure ensures full understanding of the text:

  1. Background Notes include Chaucer’s verse and critical reception
  2. Section-by-Section Analysis breaks text down into manageable chunks
    • Tracking Questions check understanding
    • Indicative Content enables self-marking
  3. Detailed Whole-Text Discussion of themes and imagery; contexts; and literary approaches
  4. Exam Preparation ensures students are fully prepared for the Edexcel Component 3 assessment
    • Includes practice questions; student-friendly mark scheme; sample answers and writing tips

Encompassing power play, gender relations and social status, The Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale contains 21st century-relevant themes set to a background of Arthurian legend and knightly quests. One of Chaucer’s most animated narrators, the Wife of Bath is a fascinating character for A Level students.

An excellent overview of the text and contextual factors and some very useful teaching resources. H Dyson, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (6455)

'There is a very high standard of context connected with both receptions and attitudes... I found the explanatory notes to small sections of the text detailed and very student friendly. The comparison with Sir Gawain was detailed and helpful. The answers to posed questions are relevant and succinct. I particularly like the use of resources for wider independent study... It is clear and easy to manoeuvre and manipulate into taught sessions. Students should find it easy to use to support classwork... I feel that it gives a good and well rounded overview of the text and the proposed exam questions were appreciated at the end.' K Lindsey, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

'Very good resource- an excellent overview of the text and contextual factors and some very useful teaching resources. The material on the tale itself is great- detailed and informative. Very useful to subdivide the prologue & tale & some interesting notes on the text with contextual links e.g. comments on the roles of the other characters who interject. Study questions on the text are useful to help give students a basic understanding of the text as they read, and I am pleased that the answers are provided for teachers!' H Dyson, English Course Manager and Independent Reviewer