Exploring... Films and Regions for KS3 Spanish

Comprehensive project packs based around popular, contemporary target-language films and culturally rich regions. This carefully written, authentic and engaging target-language material is the perfect way to teach common KS3 topics and language – and meet the requirements of the new National Curriculum!

Each resource contains:

Accompanying PowerPoints with colourful images support the delivery of tasks and provide visual stimulation for Valencia
  • ready-made scheme of work with clear outcomes, AfL and cross-curricular links where relevant
  • structured lesson plans – including starters, mains, plenaries and homeworks
  • student worksheets
  • end-of-project revision and assessment lesson
  • full answers make for quick and easy teacher-, peer- and self-marking
  • Available for Years 7, 8 and 9, with further differentiation within each pack – supports those who struggle while stretching the brightest; suitable for any class!
  • Fun, varied and original activities capture students’ interest while allowing practice of all four main skills. Aural, visual and kinaesthetic tasks appeal to learners of all types.

Exploring… Valencia (year 7)

Take your students on a journey through this famously beautiful Spanish city. Explore its remarkable architecture, delicious cuisine and the famous festival Las Fallas, all the while covering common KS3 topics.

Exploring… El libro de la vida (year 7)

Beautifully animated, vibrant and enticing – this 2014 film, nominated for a Golden Globe, will undoubtedly appeal to your Year 7s. Take them on a magical journey through Mexican culture, all the while helping them discover and cultivate interest in the Spanish language.

Exploring… Mexico (year 8)

Discovering the most populous Spanish-speaking country in the world is surely a no-brainer for any Spanish class. With lessons dedicated to Mexican cuisine, Día de los Muertos and Frida Kahlo among others, your students will have fun and discover the worldwide importance of the Spanish language.

Exploring… Valentín (year 9)

Explore this wonderful, award-winning Argentinian production. ‘Valentin’ is a favourite of many Spanish teachers and this comprehensive resource includes extra notes introducing and explaining Latin American phrases from the film.

Exploring… Galicia (year 9)

Had enough of the usual Spanish sights? This pack will be a breath of fresh air in any Spanish lesson. With a Celtic background, one of the most stunning coastlines in Europe, and over 4,000 fiestas celebrated every year, Galicia – the ‘land of a thousand rivers’ – will intrigue and interest your students, developing their language skills ready for the new GCSE and widening their cultural knowledge.
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6505)
'Excellent resource with some differentiated tasks. It allows me to exploit the theme and allowed students to make progress. You can use it to bring the cultural element into your SOL.' P Santovety, Head of MFL and ZigZag Education Customer
'It is very detailed and clear - really useful and would work well with Y7. I had been struggling to find suitable films for KS3 – this is perfect.' R Corbould, Head of Spanish and ZigZag Education Customer
'A well planned series of lessons on a really interesting and colourful film that students have enjoyed watching. I like the introduction to the film as well as the activities to be done while watching the film. The language used is challenging for Year 7s, but because of their interest in the film and the topics students have been keen to give everything a go! When they are watching the film they forget they are learning! But at the end of the unit it was clear to see how much they had learnt.' Kimberly, Head of Modern Languages and ZigZag Education Customer
'I like this resource because it has an excellent cultural aspect. It is a really engaging resource and was great to revise grammar within a cultural context. It has homework ideas and lesson plans. It saves the teacher a lot of time with the amount of varied activities.' J Guibert-Paxton, Head of Languages and ZigZag Education Customer
'A very well structured resource which introduces pupils to the study of film in an enjoyable and motivational way. I liked the variety of tasks - reordering, games, linking translations, multi-choice and the balance of all four skills. (...) Good, clear teaching objectives and a series of lessons planned and handed on a plate to you! (...) If you want to know how to teach a short film at KS3 look no further. This resoyrce has everything you need.' G Stephenson, Head of MFL and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6480)
'A great introduction to Mexican art and culture. Students are constantly asking about Mexico and this is a great way to help them explore life in Mexico. The lessons are clearly laid out and easy to follow and the topics are interesting to the students. The language used is appropriate and yet challenging and students enjoyed their lessons.' A Kimberly, Head of Modern Languages and ZigZag Education Customer.
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6452)
'A really cute film with a series of well planned lessons to help students to really engage with what they were watching and hearing. It also enabled students to get a better look at Argentinian culture in the 60s – not something I would have thought my students would be very interested in, but with the help of the film they were very engaged with their learning.' A Kimberly, Head of Modern Languages and ZigZag Education Customer
'The resource is very detailed (...) There is a variety of activities and lots of extension tasks. It definitely gives students an opportunity to learn about Spanish from Argentina and some cultural aspects. Lots of vocabulary learning and comprehension activities. I also thought the homework tasks were quite fun and interesting.' E Lerin, Spanish Course Leader and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6453)
'The resource is pitched just right for year 7 with suitable vocabulary and grammar. It is a fantastic resource to use for intercultural development and cross- curricular themes.' S Pearson, Head of Languages and ZigZag Education Customer
'Well done, this is a fantastic resource! (...) I particularly like that there is assessment at the end of each section, which is really handy to track student progress. I like the links with the different cross-curricular areas and the range of topics covered.' R Bravo, KS3 Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'I thought it was an excellent resource, clearly laid out with ready-made lesson plans. The entire resource is clearly related to year 7 topics and is a good and inventive way to cover them all. I like the good use of Spanish websites, such as RTVE for the weather forecast in unit 1 and also the BBC for Spanish language videos- very motivating! I love the self-evaluation box at the end of some units which would encourage students to reflect on their learning. I liked most of peer assessment exercises, such as "I know this because..." Again this is reflective learning.' J I Ermina, Spanish Teacher and Examiner and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6471)
'I have really enjoyed this resource because the vocabulary and grammar is taught in an exciting context. Pupils have been more engaged because they can connect to the lesson.' Johanna Guibert-Paxton, Head of Languages and ZigZag Education Customer
'Fabulous! It enables students to familiarise themselves with key vocabulary and sentence structures, as well as develop their reading skills. I am very pleased to see an element of translation, in line wth the new GCSE specs. I really like how authentic the texts are, in particular the recipes. I really like the listening activity on immigration. The assessment is really varied and it allows students to be assessed not only in terms of their knowledge of the region but also their vocabulary and skill.' R Bravo, Spanish Teacher and Independent Reviewer