Exam Practice for AS / A Level Year 1 AQA German

Original texts or recordings followed by AS exam-style questions and answers covering all AS / A Level Year 1 topics. Comprehensive, skills-focused packs written specifically for the 2016 AQA specification.

  • Covers a wide range of text sources used by AQA – so students will be very fully familiar with exam format
  • Multiple opportunities to practise each task type in different contexts continuously develop students’ exam skills
  • Engaging texts on topical issues in Target Language countries – make sure students are up to date for exams
  • Clear and detailed marking criteria – perfect for peer-assessment

  • Text types include: articles, advertisements, literary texts, testimonials, interviews, blog posts and reports
  • 48 activities covering a range of verbal and non-verbal response tasks mirroring the SAMs
  • Includes summary tasks with exam-style mark schemes

  • Includes: factual and informative texts, interviews, reports, dialogues and testimonials
  • Recordings by native speakers
  • Transcripts for all recordings provided
  • Practices both non-verbal and verbal response questions, including listening summaries

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What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6932)
'Very useful. It covers all topic areas and all aspects of the listening exercises required at A LevelI have used this extensively throughout the course.' C Morris, Head of German and ZigZag Education Customer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6384)
'I really like this resource on the whole as it offers a range of texts on different topics, which can be used as either a revision tool, consolidation or homework. It also gives a variety of response types for the learner as in the exam. I particularly liked the authentic nature of some of the texts, which makes the reosurce both current and relevant.' C Benn, German Teacher and Independent Reviewer