Python Challenges for KS3/4

30 programming challenges test students’ application of key programming constructs, including: sequence, selection and repetition; variables, arrays and functions. The increasing complexity aids progression from KS3 to KS4.

Very useful for absolute beginners through to more experienced users... The first tasks are suitable for KS3, but the latter ones are firmly aimed at KS4. M Fairbank, Computing Teacher & Independent Reviewer

Provided in a range of formats, these challenges are equally valuable for teacher-led lessons or independent learning – including homework.

Everything comes in photocopiable and electronic formats:

  • Challenges – provided as presentations, ‘challenge cards’ and a handy A5 booklet
  • Exemplar solutions with comments (Python v3) – including Python scripts; perfect for demonstration before students attempt each challenge, and for comparison afterwards
  • Simple mark scheme – accessible for both teachers and students


  • Teacher presentation – for delivery during lessons; the challenge, solution and mark scheme all in a single PowerPoint
  • Marking grid for teachers (and students) to monitor progress
Preview some of the slides of the Teacher presentation below.