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GEO4B: Toolkit for Achievement: 5 Steps to Success

Are you looking for the annual topic? See Pre-Release Resource Pack.
Provides great assistance for a challenging paper. M Parham, HoD & Independent Reviewer

Practical resources to help students achieve their full potential in this difficult exam. An active, student-centred approach to learning, ideal for GEO4B where spoon-feeding is impossible. The focus on skills and strategies which can be applied to any AIB makes this a valuable resource that you will use again and again.

  • Builds understanding of GEO4B assessment, command words and synoptic skills
  • Templates and strategies to apply to any AIB – every year!
  • Model answers show your students what top answers look like and how to write them

Students develop the core geographical and synoptic skills to succeed in GEO4B – skills that help with GEOG3 too!

‘A good insight into the skills required… The resource is comprehensive and has templates which can be used for preparation [every year]… Enables students to link and think synoptically... to break down the ideas of the AIB and then potentially build upon them... great assistance for a challenging paper.’ – Martin Parham, HoD, Examiner & Independent Reviewer
10 Tools: Command Words; Dissecting the AIB; Photographs and Maps; Using the AIB; Thinking Like A Geographer; Golden Nuggets; Balloon Debate; GEO4B Talent Show; Context is King; Model Answers