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GEO4B Pre-Release Resource Pack 2017

June 2017 Exam: Migration: Africa to Europe

Migration: Africa to Europe

The focus this year is on migration from Africa to Europe. This issue has been a hot news topic for many months. Now it's time to really get to grips with understanding the issue. Get to know ALL the details surrounding this interesting issue in our 2017 Pre-release Resource Pack.

Order your A Level AQA GEO4B Resource Pack now! Written specifically for the Advance Information on the 2017 topic of migration from Africa to Europe.

student booklet samples exam paper and teacher booklet samples exam paper and teacher booklet samples
  • Guide students through the pre-release with Thorough Workbook provided in A4 & A5 booklet
  • Revise related key skills with Skills PowerPoints!
  • Set the issue in context with Background Material
  • Stretch and challenge A* students with Discussion Springboards
  • Two practice exam papers with mark schemes

Provides students and teachers alike with a structure to work through, and prepares your students for the exam.

Excellent for the student and the teacher. There is only a short time before this exam and the quick turn round on producing it really is superb… S Knights, Geography Teacher & Independent Reviewer

How are you preparing your students for this challenging exam,
to help them to ace it first time?

One superb way of doing this is to make use of past Pre-release Resource Packs.
Our tried and tested strategy along with all of our previous annual GEO4B resources (at a discounted price) are available here.

Great resources that assist students in thinking synoptically… Invaluable to help focus teaching in a limited amount of time..." L Keeley, Head of Geography & Independent Reviewer
It targets all abilities of students, stretching the highly able, yet still providing easier tasks for all abilities. This is a “must buy”. A Norman, Teacher & Customer

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