Embedding Numeracy in KS3 Food Technology

Enrich your students’ learning (and impress Ofsted at the same time)

Seamlessly integrate numeracy into KS3 practical work with varied activities and student-friendly notes. Ready-to-use worksheets establish clear links between a range of Maths and Food Technology topics.

Clear instructions for students and easy-to-follow guidance for teachers...

F Meek, HoD, & Peer Reviewer
  • Differentiated activities with notes
    Emphasises numerical skills most relevant to Food Technology, including: measuring and costing ingredients; designing food packaging nets; analysing nutritional information + more
  • Eight Maths tutorials
    Handy reference sheets covering the basics, such as calculating area and volume; working out averages; rounding numbers and converting imperial and metric units

...clearly explains the links between mathematics and food technology

F Meek, HoD, & Peer Reviewer
  • Mapped to the new 2014 KS3 Maths programme of study
  • Includes answers

What do teachers say about this resource? (5611)

A well structured booklet that could be used by all levels of staff as mini tasks/starters to introduce numeracy to lessons... It has tutorials for staff who may not have used/taught mathematical theories to pupils before... A clear and concise resource that can help pupils of all levels further grasp numerals.

L Parket, HoD & Customer

An excellent resource… Very well thought through and presented. Clear instructions for students and easy-to-follow guidance for teachers. Clearly explains the links between mathematics and food technology. Gives very good examples of how to put mathematics into practice.

F Meek, HoD, & Peer Reviewer

A resource that shows clear links between subjects is a great idea. The mathematical targets worked well within the subject of DT Food Technology. It benefits the practical aspects of math by teaching it discreetly through food tech. Those pupils who choose food tech may have done so as an easy subject but if major subjects such as math can be taught through them then that enhances the learning in a cross curricular way.

P OKeefe, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Excellent idea, I've been wondering for a while how to embed numeracy even more into a Food Technology booklet and this is a great example... Clear development of numeracy, easily readable and well-presented layout.

K Morris, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I like the segregation into the different topics with clear activities for each [and] the simple explanations of how the math criteria relate to activities in food technology.

P Anderson, HoD & Peer Reviewer